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    Hello all,
    Im planning on taking the PCCN exam either right before thanksgiving or right after. I can not find any nurses interested in getting the certification. So is anyone interested in started a little online study group via blog or thread.

    This may not be an appropriate place to post but I didn't see an area for certification.
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    Hi there!

    I'm Helen and plan on taking the pccn before Christmas!
    Pm me and we can chat!
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    I plan on taking it before Christmas. I just completed a two day training program and bought a study guide... I'd definitely be interested!
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    Let's start a facebook page and study
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    I have created a Facebook page (Nurses Reach 1 Teach 1) where we discuss certification, post questions we have as we study. Feel free to join it. It is totally separate from your normal social page.
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    Are you talking about the PEDIATRIC CCRN exam? Because PCCN is another exam entirely.