I thought CF was screened for in pregnancy?

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    I am a student nurse-- and a mom of two. I remember being screened for CF in the routine bloodwork done at my first prenatal appt. I just assumed this was routine now for everyone. And yet I have heard on-line news of several babies (friends of friends, facebook, etc) being born with CF and the parents had no idea they were carriers and the news was very shocking for them. I am confused about how this can happen with all the screening that is now available. Is the CF pregnancy test no longer being done, or maybe it's not that accurate?

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    I think the bloodwork to determine if you are a CF carrier is optional. I was offered it (and did have the test) at my infertility doctor, but I am now in my 5th pregnancy (2 miscarriages) and it has never been mentioned to me at the normal OB.
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    No, it is not in the newborn screens, it is tested for separately if the parents are carriers or if the infant is displaying signs.
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    It was mentioned at my first OB appt, because I am half white and therefore could be a carrier. My husband, however, is black and therefore not likely to be a carrier, so we were never screened. We were never tested for any of the genetic disorders/diseases that are prevalent in certain races because of our racial backgrounds. Basically there are certain disorders that are more likely to show up if you are caucasian or native (me), or black (husband), but the chances are so incredibly remote that the other spouse would be a carrier that it wasn't worth testing. Even if we had been offered testing though, it's all optional.

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