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how does your unit handle weighing pts? Our standing policy is daily weights for all pts. We have about half our beds that actually have scales, for all the rest we have to put the pt in a sling scale. It can be painful for the... Read More

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    I'm not sure that it would matter much one way or another if the child was eating/drinking (unless you are thinking about it from the standpoint of interrupting the child's dinner, in that case, maybe that child could be done last in line). Otherwise, I think one could argue if the child was about to take a large poo, then THAT could affect their weight! Basically, in my humble opinion, I don't think it matters much being that it is dinner time. What matters the most is consistency (same scale, same time of day, etc.).

    Our stepdown unit has a piece of paper taped to the end of the crib/bed that is filled out daily with the child's weight. There are several lines printed on it where you can easily write the weights down. It's an easy reference point when the RNs/techs are obtaining the weight ("oh, that weight seems way more/less than the one yesterday..."), and the parents seem to appreciate it, too. It may serve as a helpful reminder, too, that the child is a "daily weight".

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    Ok, so I don't work with peds, but in my adult ICU, all beds are zeroed with a set of specific things on them prior to the pt arriving in the bed. Fitted sheet, draw sheet and pad, flat sheet, blanket, and pillow. That is our policy so there's no confusion. We do weights daily and actually adjust our gtts re the new wt. New policy for that one.
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    We get weekly weights on our patients (it's a medical PICU; the patients in the cardiac PICU might get daily weights, I don't know). Even then, if our patient is too unstable to be safely weighed, we can ask the physician for an order that says it's okay to not weigh them. Otherwise every patient in the unit gets weighed on the same day every week.

    We used to get daily weights also, but our compliance was poor and our medical director analyzed some research and our policy and decided that for most patients a daily weight really isn't important, so we went to weekly weights instead. Some patients are daily weights, but it has to be specifically ordered that way by the doctor.

    To solve the bed-zero'ing problem, we have a little form we tape to the bed that states what it was originally zero'ed with.
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    Usually the most we would weight a patient is 3Xweek. All our beds weigh and some of our cribs. For the beds people ususally zero the bed and attach a sticker at the bottom of the bed stating what the bed was zeroed with. Everyone tends to make their beds the same way but the sticker helps avoid confusion, although honestly if they're not a chronic or really sick kid who we expect to stay awhile we usually just stick with the admission weight

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