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  1. 1 Hi all,

    I am looking for any study tips and/or resources that may be useful to begin studying for the CCRN exam! A co-worker of mine let me borrow her binder from a review course she took, but her notes aren't legible and it bothers me to look at highlighting that has been done by someone else. What have you all found useful for the CCRN and about how long did you all study?

    Thanks in Advance!
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    I took my peds CCRN almost 20 years ago. At the time, the bible for peds critical care was Mary Fran Hazinski's book, Nursing Care of the Critically Ill Child. I read and studied it cover to cover. My understanding is that there is a new edition of this book coming out soon. A friend helped with the revision and recommends it. She took the CCRN with me long ago and I trust her judgment.

    I'm sure there are other study guides out there but this helped me.

    Good luck!
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    Try Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio....she is awesome. She has multiple DVD and seminars and books. I first hear her in 1986 and I still remember her lecture.
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    I was curious so I found her site.

    I take it this is adult CCRN focused?
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    #4 0 - Your #1 source for passing the CCRN - Pediatric, Acute/Critical Care Nursing Certification found this and my employer was so impressed they've offered to pay for it for initial CCRN cert for our staff.
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    Thank you everyone. Marycarney, I saw that site but I wasn't sure they were a legitimate site. I'll check them out again. Did you use them and pass?
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    I do not have enough accumulated practice hours to sit for the exam until September. I've been working part-time while completing my MSN. Now that I'm done, I'm back full-time, and with the way our census has been lately, I'll be getting a LOT of hours this summer!

    Our director has grant money to improve CCRN rates - and this is one of the things the grant is covering.
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    The AACN Core Curriculum for Pediatric Critical Care Nursing is the only reference that you should need.
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    Ah, but there's the issue of learning styles. Some do not learn as well be simply reading - I prefer the interactive format of repeated practice testing. Different strokes..........
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    Quote from marycarney - Your #1 source for passing the CCRN - Pediatric, Acute/Critical Care Nursing Certification found this and my employer was so impressed they've offered to pay for it for initial CCRN cert for our staff.
    I have just bought the practice tests from this site - 2 sets of 5 tests at a total cost of $100.
    To be honest I found way too many questions that should not be included in the Peds CCRN:

    Medication dosing questions where peds dosing is not approved.
    Questions pertaining to Nurse Practictioner licensing and documentation.
    Medicaid reimbursement for PNP questions.
    A lot of adult questions (which I can justify with the idea that older teens can be treated under adult protocols), but of the 7 tests I have completed I have had at least 10 questions that relate directly to geriatrics.
    Numerous questions regarding conditions that I do not consider to be critical care... including warts, athletes foot, oral contraception.

    I have also found several errors with their answers, particularly where the answer they give may be 'b)', but they go on to explain why 'c)' is correct - this throws off your score if you answered 'c)' correctly, but get marked incorrect because 'b)' is the answer they have given that question. The first time I spotted this I contacted them and they apologized and corrected the question/answer - I have now spotted 6 of these and have stopped taking the tests as I doubt they are preparing me appropriately.
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    My apologies for not posting sooner - I had the same issue. They refunded my $$ and promised to look into it with 'their vendor' whoever that is. I can see the problem is not resolved, and I regret listing this resource.

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