Whoo just accepted into PSU Altoona's nursing program! Who's with me?

  1. Anyone else out there starting in Fall at PSU Altoona? Super excited!
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  3. by   jetsy62
    ADN Program?
  4. by   mmw90
    Yes ma'am, I'll be starting in the fall!
  5. by   clg2
    Congrats I am sure you are super excited. I am going to apply for fall 2014. I am currently in school and figured I will finish this degree and then go to school for what I have always thought of going for..lol... Best wishes !!
  6. by   clg2
    mmw90, May I ask if you already have your pre req's done and do you know how many people they accept?
  7. by   mmw90
    I do, but my situation is a tad bit more complicated. I am a transfer student, who has transferred directly into the nursing program. So while they told me all my credits were accepted, they failed to let me know if those credits will be used towards my degree or not. I'm thinking I will learn this info at my advising session. But yes I have completed pre-reqs just not at PSU Altoona.
  8. by   mmw90
    As to how many they accept I believe it is 50 per semester, as it was explained to me by a admissions rep. The order of admission is as follows: True Freshmen, PSU Guaranteed admits, former/current PSU students, and then transfers.
  9. by   clg2
    mmw90, thank you so much. I would be a transfer student also. Did anyone mention to you what gpa is needed to get in? I have a friend that also applied for fall 2013; Do you know when everyone should know by if they have been accepted. She hasn't heard anything yet.
  10. by   clg2
    Well, my friend checked her status and apparently her college never sent the transcript to psu. So, I guess that is why she never heard anything. But I am still curious to know if they told you when everyone would hear by for when I apply this fall for the fall of 2014. Sorry for all the questions... lol
  11. by   neshii
    i just got my acceptance packet today!! does anyone know how much tuition for the whole program would be if i am non-penn resident?
  12. by   mmw90
    It should be on the bursars webpage Office of the Bursar. Last I checked I thought it was around 9 grand a semester but I could be wrong.
  13. by   mmw90
    You should hear back anywhere between february-March..I was told even as late as end of March. I got my acceptance notification on the mypennstate portal on February 18th this year.
  14. by   clg2
    Thank you mmw90 Best wishes and congrats again!