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I'd like to know if anyone has attended, or is attending, West Chester Universities accelerated BSN program? do you like the program, did it prepare you for the real world of nursing, how much is the... Read More

  1. by   howard1913
    ok i just got off the phone with finanical aid at @2pm. she said that they are very busy and would not be able to process in summer aid until maybe the end of april and they may be done before classes, but our bill will be due before than. starting tomorrow i will be emailing "important people on the wcu financial aid staff". below is the list i will send my email to. please also send out emails so that we can get our needs met. can you also post the response you recieve so we all can be enlightened with what is going on. disorganized and i am getting anxious.

    general email address: finaid@wcupa.edu
    director: dpaker@wcupa.edu
    assistant director: agullo@wcupa.edu
    student loan officer: jleventry@wcupa.edu
    information speicalist: aedgarian@wcupa.edu
    information speicalist: plogioia@wcupa.edu
    information speicalist: jvrecenak@wcupa.edu
  2. by   djames


    I talked to someone in Financial Aid and they told me. I had to submit the Summer 2010 Fin. Aid Application in the link above.
    This is need after they have your FASFA. 09-10 form. I just scanned and e-mail mine to them. Let me know if you get any other information.

  3. by   howard1913
    yeah i already sent mine in. I am just awaiting them to package it in. My summer aid been in since 3rd week in March.
  4. by   teamgriswold6
    Does anyone know the hours of the weekend clinicals? I work weekend evenings and wanted to see if the clinicals end in time in order for me to make it to work. Thanks.
  5. by   howard1913
    the summer there is no weekend hours but in the fall and spring it varies. In my interview I was told to leave the day open because they may be day/evening hours depending upon the hospital. in the fall I see on the website that they have clinicals set for 8am-4pm.
  6. by   toya0419
    is everyone aware that there's a possibility that financial aid may not package our summer aid in time? I was told that I would need to cover summer 1 out of pocket in the event that they can't get it done in time. I currently have a financial hold on my account and in danger of having my classes dropped. Is anyone else having this issue?
  7. by   BellaDelaJ
    I contacted financial aid about the summer after I completed my FAFSA for 2010-2011. To get summer aid you would've had to turn in the 2009-2010 FAFSA by March 15. Even then, the summer funds are limited, so I'm just paying out of pocket for the summer. I'm told that we can expect to find out my aid for Fall/Spring by June.

    If you are in danger of having your classes dropped if you don't pay the tuition in full by the 17th, I'd try talking to financial aid and/or try to find a private loan to cover the summer tuition. Hope this helps!

    I can't believe orientation is next week! See you all there!
  8. by   toya0419
    I completed my 09-10 application march of last year because I thought I would be going attending a different school. I eventually switched everything to west chester. I just don't think it is fair that I would need to come out of pocket or get a private loan when I have stafford loans available to assist me. Especially when I need to come up with the money in a matter of days...
  9. by   STL87
    Hi all,

    I am an incoming fact student for 2010. They have a list of ISBN numbers for the books that came in the bundle. If anyone accepted to the program next year is interested I can put up those ISBNs. Buying used books might be a better idea. Saves a lot of money. I had to pay over $700 for the bundle. Hopefully they wouldnt change any books. Let me know if anyone needs the list.
  10. by   toya0419
    Wow everyone! Orientation is almost here!! I am so excited! I can't wait to meet all of you on Wednesday!
  11. by   BellaDelaJ
    @ STL87 - If you can post the ISBN's that would be great! I think I have the right books for NSG/NSL 212. Thanks!
  12. by   ilovelearning
    Has anyone interviewed at WCU yet? My interview is on Saturday and I was hoping to find someone who has already gone through this. What questions can I expect to be asked? TIA!
  13. by   InquisitiveMinds
    I interviewed with them last week. It was just with one person, Dr. Monturo and she was really nice. She asked about the interest in nursing and why/where I was coming from. Then, she went over pre-req's and anything I was missing and she gave a great overview of the program. Overall, it was kind of informal. I was so nervous, but she made it very relaxing. She said to wait about a month to hear back from WCU. Good luck with your interview!