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I'd like to know if anyone has attended, or is attending, West Chester Universities accelerated BSN program? do you like the program, did it prepare you for the real world of nursing, how much is the... Read More

  1. by   howard1913
    Well, we can still get aid as a part time student the nursing department telling wrong information. You dont have to be full time but if you DONT take 12 credits for the summer we will be considered PART TIME. Either way you WILL GET AID! If you want to pick up another class you can add NSG 224 which runs after all our classes are over from Aug. 2nd through Aug. 6th. It is Domestic Violence Advacacy. ( talking to victims of abuse)
  2. by   Lefty Lou
    I thought part time students could get aid as well because I know people who have it, it just might not be through the school. I emailed her numerous times and she specifically said you need to be full time to receive any aid from them, and that we wont find out our aid until we are registered. Its kind of like the chicken and the egg question. There were other classes that we could take during the first or last 5 weeks of summer but like I siad they were 4 hours twice a week which is a lot on top of an already hectic schedule. Not to mention I live at least an hour and a half away so im not trying to drive there 5 days a week. Im currently looking into private loans for myself this way Ill KNOW that I am covered before I start and I wont have to take extra classes that I dont need. Did you reply to the email? It did say we needed to be full time to receive aid.
  3. by   toya0419
    Wow that could pose a big problem...I never heard of a school that refuse to give you aid because you are a partime student...This makes me very confused because Dr Monturo stated that we could use our unused loans from undergrad..Does west chester offer any of their courses online????
  4. by   Lefty Lou
    I never heard that either, because I KNOW people who got loans and werent full time. I heard the same thing during my interview and I thought good because I know there were loans I didnt use in undergrad. Did you get the email she sent? It says you need to be full time to receve aid, and I emailed back and shared several emails back and forth and each time she clearly stated that we need to be registered full time to receive aid from them. I asked her how much do I know Im getting and she said we need to talk to financial aid office about that but they cant tell us until we register. I think they do have online classes, there is an option to search for that under the course schedule but I dont know what they offer. Im going to be calling the financial aid office soon because I emailed them and they never responded to me. I suggest you email her back and ask directly because that is what she told me.
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  5. by   toya0419
    yeah, I dont know whats going on...First I recieved a email stating I was accepted about a month ago then a few days later I recieved a letter that I had to sign back and return and thats it! I havent even recieved a formal acceptance letter...So I have not recieved the email that you are refering to..I think financial aid thing would have been nice to know a little sooner since I'm not able to secure any type of private funding.. i hoping that everything will work it self out!
  6. by   toya0419
    Wait a minute!!!! I think we need to get confirmation from someone else in financial aid because there is no way for any student to be full time in the summer, in fact most schools will only allow 6 credits during summer sessions..So something must be up..Im going to get in contact with financial aid on monday, I'll speak with the head of the department if I need to, but we need to get the bottom of this!
  7. by   Lefty Lou
    Im going to try and talk to financial aid as well but they still have not emailed me back since last week. I really do not like how disorganized and last minute everything is so far. We can be full time in the summer but like I said there are only limited classes and the ones that would work with our schedule would be for 4 hours twice a week at night. Or they also have some classes that are 8-5 for one week before or after our classes start. If you find anything out, let me know. Thanks!
  8. by   toya0419
    Hey everyone I called Dr Monturo first who informed me that she wasn't sure, but believed that full time in the summer was 6 credits. She then directed me to financial aid. I called financial aid office and spoke with a rep who assured me that all students in every program at wcu was eligible for federal aid as long as they took a minimum of 6 credits fall, spring or summer. We are taking 9 credits this summer, so based on what this lady is saying we should be fine. Im hoping this is the case, but like I said I havent recieved the email that others recieved so Im not 100% sure
  9. by   Lefty Lou
    That is helpful, I think I am going to call also because I saved the emails and each one says we must take 12 credits to be considered full time, and you must be full time to receive any kind of financial aid. I just really want to know because I was going to call my bank and see about getting a private loan. Also, we dont know how much were receiving from the school and it worries me. I would hate to start the program and have them say oh you're only getting this much aid and it doesnt even cover what I need.
  10. by   toya0419
    Im worried as well. We are due to start in a little under two months and I have nothing straightened out.. I will be grateful to get my admissions packet and acceptance letter by the end of the week. I also am interested in our book list I want to try to get the books online at a cheaper price before classes start.
  11. by   djames
    Toya please let me know if you find a book list, and will do the same if I get one first. I got the official letter from admission on Saturday just sent in the deposit on Monday. What did you say you received from the school after they got the deposit?


  12. by   toya0419
    Quote from djames
    Toya please let me know if you find a book list, and will do the same if I get one first. I got the official letter from admission on Saturday just sent in the deposit on Monday. What did you say you received from the school after they got the deposit?


    Darren, I just recieved my official letter yesterday. I am going to send my deposit sometime this week so I am unsure what happens after that. But I will keep you posted about the book list if I get it!!!
  13. by   howard1913
    Guys I have been calling the financial aid office almost everyday asking the same questions, but getting different answers from everyone. What is constant is that WE MAY HAVE TO PAY OUR SUMMER AID UP FRONT FIRST because they may not process the SUMMER AID in time for us to start school on MAY 24th. They say they can not process SUMMER AID until SPRING grades come out..I Informed them that ADVANCE BSN STUDENTS are not awaiting SPRING grades and that our AID can be processed NOW. If we as a "COHORT" can come together and call and make this an issue we may can get our AID processed! I did not plan to pay my first semester OUT OF POCKET. I think it is stupid that they are processing FALL/SPRING aid before the SUMMER. Please call and stress your concern at 610-436-2627.