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I'd like to know if anyone has attended, or is attending, West Chester Universities accelerated BSN program? do you like the program, did it prepare you for the real world of nursing, how much is the... Read More

  1. by   djames
    I have my interview in a week since you guys are already accepted!! and congrats on that!!! Do you mind sharing what kind of questions that were asked? I hope see you there in MAY!
  2. by   GoZags
    Congrats to those who just received their acceptance to the accelerated program.

    I have a quick question for those in the planning stages of finding places to rent around West Chester University. Anyone know generally what I can expect to pay for rent and some good places to live? I'm currently trying to decide between West Chester's accelerated program and Villanova's program.

    Also, I have a quick question as far as acceptance requirements in undergrad and pre-reqs. Why does West Chester require a 2.75 GPA (B-) in pre-req science classes and a 3.5 overall GPA in undergrad, while Villanova only requires a 2.0 GPA (C) or better in science pre-reqs and a 3.0 overall undergrad GPA? Essentially, why does West Chester seem to be so much more competitive than Villanova? Thanks!
  3. by   djames
    I am not sure, but I have some thoughts. More people are able to apply a state school because of the price, and I pretty sure there is a big price difference in the two schools. I am think West Chester U. receives more applications than Villinova because of that reason. But I am not sure.
  4. by   howard1913
    I will be attending this May the tutition is about 21,000 not including housing, books, transportation, uniforms, etc. I have spoken to many people and they all were 2nd degree student who had no knowledge of nursing compared to their first degree. The feedback that I recieved was that it is challenging and alot of studying. I heard they can be disorganized, but that layout of the program is not what the NCLEX is testing us on so for the most part if you study you should be fine. One of the teachers told me in the interview if I can get pass the first semester I will be fine.
  5. by   GoZags

    That's what I thought as well. You have to be more selective/competitive with more applications naturally if you're only selecting 35-40 people per cohort. Anyone know how many credits per semester you have to take at West Chester's program? I understand it's 17 months, but I am a bit hesitant if it's like 19-20 credits per semester. Villanova is more expensive ($35k for tuition), but it's three months shorter...

    I'd really like to go to Villanova, but I don't want to apply to only one school too. For those applying to West Chester's program, what other schools have you applied to for alternative options/backup schools? Thanks everyone.
  6. by   Lefty Lou
    Djames, she didnts really ask to many questions honestly... the basic, why nursing, then went over the curriculum and asked if you had questions.. at least thats how my interciew went. Go Zags, most semesters wont even be full time, the first is only 9 credits, the rest are 10 or 11 but you need two electives before you graduate so that max would be like 14 a semester. The semesters at WCU dont have as many credits because were doing 5 when most other programs are doing 4. Also, the price is not bad at all, you pay per credit the undergrad rate that all other WCU students pay. I didnt think they were very competitve, they might say the want a 3.5 undergrad but I definitely did not have that and I know other ppl on this forum didnt have it either and we were the first ppl accepted. They told me they accept a good percentage who apply and the reason ppl get rejected is becasue they did not have the pre reqs complete or bc they did not send the application with transcripts in one envelope. Id be happy to answer any other questions!
  7. by   JulyRN80
    Thanks for the info. on the 2nd degree program at West Chester! I am planning on applying for next May but trying to make sure I will still be able to work. Was anyone told what the schedule would be like? I know the basic schedule but am looking specifically for the timing of classes during the summer. On the web site it only says that classes would be 4 days a week. Thanks!
  8. by   Lefty Lou
    Its almost impossible to work during the summer session unless you do weekends. The schedule is class two times 9-3, then lab 9-2, then wed 8-11. So theres only one week day when yours completely free and three of the days are almost full time days. The fall/spring sessions are easier bc the class is once a week 4-9 then clincals are on weekends. hope this helps
  9. by   JulyRN80
    That helps a ton, thanks for the information!
  10. by   Joey Gags
    If anyone has any other questions feel free to e-mail me. I was in the regular 4 year bsn program at WCU...but I knew a lot of the students in the advance 2 bsn program, and many of the profs were the same. Can also give details on the area and places to avoid, etc. glacers77@comcast.net
  11. by   GoZags
    Quote from glacers77
    If anyone has any other questions feel free to e-mail me. I was in the regular 4 year bsn program at WCU...but I knew a lot of the students in the advance 2 bsn program, and many of the profs were the same. Can also give details on the area and places to avoid, etc. glacers77@comcast.net

    I'll definitely have to send you an email asking you some quick questions about where to live in the West Chester area and perhaps you know some general greater Philadelphia areas to live as I'm also applying to Villanova? It's my understanding that places along the Main Line (bryn mawr, etc.) could be quite expensive? My email address is cgleixner@mac.com if you see it.

    I see that you specialize in psychiatric nursing- how did you feel the WCU four year program prepared you for this speciality? I'm considering psychiatric nursing as I have my degree in Psychology and worked at a psychiatric hospital in Baltimore.

    Thanks for the info Glacers!
  12. by   toya0419
    hey everyone I went to my interview at WCU last week and I am very nervous....I am scared that I may not get accepted...I was wondering if anyone has gotten accepted since the first wave of people had been notified? She told me if you are called for an interview your chances of getting in is around 75%, but I didn't have the greatest undergrad GPA either...Im soooo nervous
  13. by   Lefty Lou
    Has anyone received their official letter or packet of information from WCU yet? I got the email on the 8th or 9th and still havent gotten anything else. I really want to get all the information so I can start figuring out loans, uniforms, books, vaccinations, etc. Thanks!