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I'd like to know if anyone has attended, or is attending, West Chester Universities accelerated BSN program? do you like the program, did it prepare you for the real world of nursing, how much is the tuition? Thanks... Read More

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    I kept calling until they recieved my appliation than i called to ask how long it would take for a interview and about 2 days after that I got a interview date.

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    hey howardrn,i am in the process of applying.......im a little worried because i graduated with a 2.7 but my science gpa is 3.2. I ll have my application out by the end of the week. Did you write an essay? Did you have any volunteer experience?

    I'm just worried its not enough to get in? Any words of advice will be great!!!!!
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    Quote from powlwe
    I attended West Chester University's Accelerated BSN program. My class was the first to graduate from the program and we had a 100% first time pass rate on the NCLEX. Pretty impressive. We all found jobs, either before or within 3 months of graduating. The cost is lower then most of the other programs (esp. the ones in Philly!!! ie Drexel). The professors there know what they are talking about and are always on hand to help you. Class size is small, so if you need/like one-on-one attention this is very beneficial. Classes are usually evening, clinicals include some weekends. You can still have some-what of life.....as far as nursing school goes. I was able to work 32 hours/week. Which is something I needed to do (I got bills to pay, LOL!!!) and not all accelerated BSN programs allow you that opportunity. I can be hard at times, but the program is fast (17months) and it will be over before you know it!

    please email me about this program I have a interview coming up
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    I have not completed my pre-reqs but will be finished in May when the next cohort begins. Does anyone know how strict they are about applying before pre-reqs are completed?
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    On the website it states pretty clearly that they dont want anyone to apply until all of the pre-reqs are completed. Also I emailed the person in charge asking what their acceptance rate is, and how many people apply vs get accepted. She told me that around 60% get accepted and the reason most people get recjected is simply because they have not finished the pre-reqs. I would email someone there and get a final answer for yourself, but I think they require them to be completed ahead of time.
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    Howard, How was your interview? I applied on Sat Jan 2nd and received an email on Wed Jan 6th to schedule my interview. I chose next Friday the 15th at 11:30. Ill let you know how it goes.
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    ok...i go tomorrow
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    Interview was great. they looking for at least a 2.75 in the required sciences and about a 3.5 in GPA in your degree that u already recieved. They are looking for the best of the best. They are looking for 32-35 quailified people and their next cohort MAY NOT be until MAY. Usually they take 23-25 per cohort and have a new cohort every May/January but they are trying to do away with the january class, by making the May cohort bigger. She said they may not find 32-35 quailified students THAT ALREADY HAS THE PRE-REQ DONE
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    I definitely have way above the 2.75 in the sciences, but I only had a 3.19 in my previous undergrad degree. I hope they dont hold that against me in my interview, since I sent them my transcripts and they could see that for themselves that it wasnt a 3.5. How long did they say it will take to notify you if you've gotten accepted or not? Im assuming it shouldnt take too long. I was planning on going in May, not january so I wont mind if they do away with the january cohort. Let me know when you get the official word if youve been accepted or not, and ill let you know how my interview goes.
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    Hello WCU BSN 2 Advance hopefuls. I just wanted to see what you think about the program and am updating my post from about a year ago.

    I just graduated a little less than a month ago from the program. I found the program to be very unorganized. Very often we found out about important stuff at the last minute, like clinical times, clinical instructors, when stuff was due, etc. They tended to push more policies they made up as they went along on us. The communication was terrible.

    But, the instructors were decent. And its worth the money...since its so cheap for an acceleration program. Just be ready for a lot of headaches along the way. I can't believe they want to up the cohorts to go up to 35. That is way too high! They would have to hire many more clinical instructors to keep up with that many students. Or maybe they are planning to weed out 1/3 of them the first semester. A lot of schools tend to do that now.

    Good luck, and keep me posted how it goes! If you have any questions about the program, please post or message me!

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