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Has anyone taken the PSB-RN Exam for the UPMC nursing programs? I took mine today and am not sure how I did. There was not enough time to finish the verbal, spatial, math section. I didn't think... Read More

  1. by   2BRN123
    Quote from lalasd

    Wow! Congrats on your awesome scores! For the first part of the exam, Academic Aptitude, (which includes sub-sections Verbal, Math and Noverbal) does UPMC look for above a 65th percentile in each of those sub-sections or an average among all three sections? These posts have been so helpful so I just wanted to thank everyone who is participating in these forums!

    P.S. If anyone else knows the answer to this question, please feel free to respond :-)
    I've been told that the nonverbal doesn't factor but who knows, could email Natalie at Shadyside and see what she says: Borkowskina@upmc.edu
  2. by   jemadi33
    Thanks! They counted each of those sections separately. UPMC does look for a 65 in every section of the test. You should answer as many questions as possible because you aren't penalized for guessing incorrectly.
  3. by   kitty_deville13
    you are most likely not going to finish all of the sections in the time they give you. in the first section, i answered like (at the most) 5 math questions because i'm horrific in math and i didn't want to kill my scores because i didn't know if we were penalized for guessing incorrectly. i did answer alot of the other questions in that section though. there are 5 section you're tested on.

    i feel that this test is something you can't really prepare for. if you are feeling that you are not very good at a specific section, you should get a practice book and work on that section. i hear alot of people are having problems with the science section so maybe look at that too. and the spelling section is unbearable. i read over my practice book for a few days before the test but i didn't really cram or study it too much. i feel at this point you either know it or you don't.

    good luck to you and let us know how you felt the exam was and how you did! :heartbeat
  4. by   2BRN123
    Theres also something weird about how the percentile works. The way the website explains it is quite different than how they explained it to me. Typical percentile ratings would rank you against other people who took the test, but I think this percentile rating is how many you got right vs. how many you answered vs. others who took the test. Good luck to all who are taking it / took it. The way its scored seems so bizarre to me :uhoh21:
  5. by   lalasd
    I love you guys! You guys rock! :-)) Just to put some perspective on this percentile business, do any of you recall your raw scores from the exam? I'll definitely let you all know what I thought of it and how I do :-)
  6. by   2BRN123
    I haven't gotten mine back yet, I know that I passed but don't know the score. I'll definitely pass mine along once I get them though.
  7. by   kitty_deville13
    I passed but I don't know where I put my scores. Mostly in the 90's. I think I got 1 in the 80's. Enough to get accepted to mercy. Lol. Where are you trying to get into?
  8. by   lalasd
    So Leo, are you in??! Kitty, my first choice is Mercy (second is Shadyside) and they're still accepting applications so I hope I can make it in your class because I already like all of you, but I'm in no hurry.

    Did the PSB test results break down your raw scores like 28/30 for Math or 25/30 for Verbal or are your results only given in percentile format? Thanks again, you guys :-)
  9. by   2BRN123
    I'm not in yet, dropped off my application on Thursday of last week, don't know how long it takes to hear back. Have a pit in my stomach while I wait. Are you applying for the fulltime program lalasd?
  10. by   lalasd
    Awww I'm sure you're in! Will keep you in my prayers :-) And yes, I am looking into the full-time day program for Shadyside (which begins in Jan) and the customary full-time program at Mercy (which begins in August). Which school are you waiting to hear back from? Did you apply to both? Did anyone else here apply to both or all three?
  11. by   jemadi33
    I didn't ever receive a copy of my raw score. They only sent a percentile for Mercy. I don't know if they do it differently for other schools. I hope you all get in!
  12. by   lalasd
    Hey guys, just took my test today and it wasn't as bad as I expected at all. I definitely felt prepared, which doesn't hurt. This may sound silly, but after taking so many practice tests one thing I didn't prepare for was the time spent filling in the bubbles on the scantron. With only 15 minutes for a few sections, I think all of those seconds add up to a good 2 minutes haha so after I caught on, I started to read the next question while filling in my bubbles. You can never be too prepared :-)
  13. by   kitty_deville13
    I know what you mean with the bubbles! Well good luck! :-)