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Hello, Was anyone accepted into the UPMC Mercy School of Nursing Class of '14 which is starting in August of 2012? I was and I was looking forward to meeting other who have been as well!... Read More

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    I'm in clinical group A! I'm just happy to have all Thursday's off...lol. I am VERY excited for school to start. I feel like our class will thin out after this first semester. I'm anxious to see how they're going to break up clinical groups a&b on clinical days because that is alot of people on the unit.

    I think the warm-up jackets are horrible looking...lol.

    I just kinda was taking everything in on Monday. I think we all should get together on transition day before classes start.
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    I'm in group A too! I can't wait to start classes, but yeah I think a lot of people are going to end up leaving after the first semester.
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    Orientation was fun, Except waiting in the lines to get through Financial Aid and the Uniforms part...

    I am also in Clinical Group A, and Lab 4..

    I am starting to get nervous about all of this! I was happy to see that I wasn't the oldest student (I'm 27)....
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    Are you guys doing the tuition forgiveness? I most likely am, but I am worried about if something happens or I fail out. Then your stuck with a big loan at 15% interest! I am really excited about august but the expences are really adding up! 200 nursing app, 100 for uniforms, 100 for supplies, 100 physical and 150 for books! Ouch! I think I am going to have to take out a loan.

    I second meeting up at transitions day.
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    I was in disbelief on how long the lines were for everything! Did you guys get the email that we weren't suppose to buy a lab coat and they're giving us refunds?

    I just turned 27 so no worries!

    I have an iPhone already but I can't believe that we need to have an iPod touch for clinical. I though some people were going to have heart attacks. Lol. It's getting really expensive fast. But it'll all be worth it.

    I'm going to be doing tuition forgiveness.
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    I will also be doing tuition forgiveness.
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    What's awesome is if people need to buy a new phone for school, it is a tax write off...
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    holy crap you have to have an ipod touch ????? Sounds stupid, I hope we don't need one for Shadyside. I'd go scour "The Exchange" My boyfriend just got one there for like 70 bucks.

    **edit** also I didn't forget about the CPR thing, the guy just came back from vacation. I was thinking of scheduling it for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon don't know where though. If anyone has any ideas or dates they want lemme know.
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    Ok, What was the reason we couldn't buy our Pharmacology book used? I bought one from a website and it said that it was brand new. I figured there would be a CD or something with it... When I got it in the mail, it was wrapped in cellophane, so its new, but there were no cds or anything with it! HELP!
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    Is there like a code inside, I think they said it gives you access to the online course.
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