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Hello, Was anyone accepted into the UPMC Mercy School of Nursing Class of '14 which is starting in August of 2012? I was and I was looking forward to meeting other who have been as well!... Read More

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    Nope no insurance. I had to pay $130 because my dr didn't have it documented that my hep b came back okay.

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    So excited for monday! Did you guys decide what to wear yet?
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    Also where did everyone go for their cpr and how much did it cost?
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    Nope I have NO clue what to wear. I'm going out to dinner in Robinson tonight and I was going to swing by the mall and look.

    Leo on here (I think who is going to shadyside) was trying to get a CPR training thing together. I haven't heard anything back on that yet but CCAC is having a class on 7/13 I may go to instead if this one doesn't pan out. It's $50 for the class through CCAC.
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    I did mine in Maryland before I moved here. Check at your local fire station that's where I did mine and it was only $6!
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    I went through The American heart association and did my CPR class. They did the class at the holiday inn near Robinson.
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    How did everyone like orientation? :-)
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    I can't wait to start! Though I am a bit nervous about such a large class. I am in clinical group B, what about you?
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    Hey guys, so excited to hear your orientation stories! I took the last qualifying PSB exam on May 30th and i scored in the mid to upper 90s :-) My entire application was received last week, just waiting on a final decision from the program (should be a few weeks) but 150 people?! Were all 150 people there yesterday?! I was told there would be several orientation sessions, depending on the timing of your admission decision. What are the clinical groups about? How many are there?
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    I don't know how many were there but there were about 100 people on the clinical list.

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