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I just got my acceptance letter today! :yeah: Anyone else?... Read More

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    I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

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    I posted this in the other Mercy SON thread but...

    Hey, this is kinda off the subject, but is anyone CLEPing any classes this summer? I'm going for my psych one on 6/22 then scheduling my soc one after that.
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    I'm going to end up taking the CLEP for English Comp and Sociology, but I'm waiting a little while to do it.
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    I wish I had that option when it comes to psych. It's just so hard to get back into study mode! I'm so nervous I'll fail it and have to take the course in the fall :-/
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    It will be a nice warm-up for the fall though! I'm taking my A&Ps during the summer to ease my course load in the fall, so I really don't have time to study right now. I would love to get the CLEPs out of the way!
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    Passed my psych! It was HORRIBLE. I studied forever and it felt like nothing I studied was on the test. There's a part at the end when you finish your test that basically says "push cancel so this grade doesn't get recorded" and I was very temped to push it. Lol.

    I'm scheduling my soc one for some time next month. I heard its way easier than the psych.
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    Is anybody looking for a roommate?
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    Quote from nurse2be13
    Is anybody looking for a roommate?
    Where are you going to school? I don't need a roomate just curious
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    Hey guys, nice to meet you all. I'm going to UPMC mercy in the fall. I'm looking for a place to live, and would love to live with fellow nursing students, if you're still looking for a roommate.
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    If anyone here would like to carpool, I live in Bloomfield near UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. I think it'd be so much more cost efficient if we carpool, split the price of the parking (goes from about 1300 to 650 over the two years) and of course split gas! Let me know if you are interested!

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