UPenn accelerated BSN 2011...anyone?

  1. Just wanted to know how many people here are planning to apply for the accelerated program at UPenn in 2011? (one starts in the summer)
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  3. by   jiwonkim89
    I will be applying! are you applying to just the BSN or the BSN/MSN? I feel like taking the GREs will be too much of a burden for me...and plus I'm not 100% sure on what I want to specialize in.

    UPENN is....i hate to say it but my "dream school" and I'm taking an additional two classes for their extensive prereqs. Not very happy about it but I feel like I will regret it if I don't at least try!!!!! Good luck~
  4. by   nvsmom
    Oh great! It is my dream school too. I've decided to take the GRE which I will take in September. Studying everyday for it so my brain doesn't explode. I don't think it will be too difficult. Just have to recognize what types of questions are asked and practice problems.

    I'm only applying to the BSN program. I'd like to get to work right away so I can move to Dallas and settle down there with my kids.
  5. by   nvsmom
    anyone else??
  6. by   jiwonkim89
    have you heard anything about their stats? like avg gpa...how many people apply and are accepted? are invitations only upon invitation? I've been emailing them about my prereqs but I don't want to bombard them with questions. I've decided to apply for the fall start (27 month) and to take my gres instead of rushing through my prereqs and finish my last year in college like a maniac.

    Btw the GREs are only required for the bsn/msn program...at least for penn.
  7. by   jiwonkim89
    So I emailed UPENN about stats and stuff and here's what they said:

    "...we Recommended a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher, with the average GPA of a 3.5. We do not combine the prerequisite courses if the courses were completed after you completed your degree. Our goal is to matriculate 60-65 students a year, and we have an acceptance rate between 23-24%.

    As for the BSN/MSN, if you know which specialty you are interested in and know that you would like to complete your MSN, I recommend applying to the BSN/MSN track.

    If you are unsure of what specialty, population or if you want to complete a Master's in Nursing I recommend applying to the BSN Second degree option."

    I've been emailing them quite often because I'm really curious and a bit antsy...but they don't seem to mind at all. very friendly people haha.
  8. by   nvsmom
    so does that mean they are only looking at the prerequisites taken AFTER the bachelor's degree is completed? kinda confused there...
  9. by   schick672

    I am thinking of applying for the 2011 summer start (18 months), but 18 months is alot longer than drexel's 11 months and jefferson's 12 months, so im unsure of what I will do yet. Are you guys applying to any other schools??
  10. by   nvsmom

    yes it is longer than a 12 month program..but it's not bad having a little bit more time to breath. :-)

    I am also applying to San Diego State accelerated, Western Governor's University (don't know which city I want to do my clinicals yet) and a few more here in California. I'm actually looking at other places out of state like South Dakota or Wisconsin...places people don't really want to go lol I think I'll have a better chance getting in. But Univ Penn is my dream school.
  11. by   schick672
    Yes I have heard good things about the U of Penn, and being in a big city like philly with plenty of hospitals and clinical sites its probably a great program. There are plenty of schools in California, but im planning on staying on the east coast, especially the philly area. Im only an hour away and am applying to drexel, thomas jefferson, and John Hopkins in Baltimore. I really would love to apply and go to NYU, but if I apply for the fall of 2011 I wouldnt find out till April, and by then I would know if I got accepted to the other schools and would have had to make a decision so its a big risk declining all the other schools and hoping to get accepted at NYU. O well tho!
  12. by   jiwonkim89
    I am currently living in So.Cal right now. I lived here pretty all my life. I'm set on moving out to the east coast for a change. I am applying to similar schools to you all...UPENN (of course, my top choice), NYU, JHU, Yale...I'm applying to UCLA. I'm currently a student at UCLA and love it here but need to get away from home. Best of luck to everybody!!!!! I wish UPENN could have a prospective student's chat.

    Btw...18 months is not that bad because it starts in the summer while many schools are 15 months and start in the fall or in the winter (january). NYU is like that. If I am rejected to UPENN or JHU, I hope to wait for NYU until April. Anyway I gotta run~good luck to all
  13. by   hopkins76
    Thanks for starting this thread. I'm just about done with Penn's pre-reqs and really getting anxious about them opening up the application. I'm going for the 18-month BSN and the MSN. I got my GRE scores transferred early before they expired and in the process of ordering transcripts now. Penn is my dream school followed by Columbia. I'm passing on JHU--its a great school but just not for me after their visitor's day.

    Good luck everyone!
  14. by   AccelCNL
    I am applying for the BSN/MSN program. The specialty I am applying to is the Neonatal NP program. MY GPA is like a 3.9 and all my prereqs are in the B+ range.
    I have not taken the GRE yet but I will in October. I hope we will all get good news in Feb.