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Hi. I applied for Temple's New to Practice Program a few weeks ago and just received word that my initial application was accepted. In the FAQ's, it says that applicants will have to take competency... Read More

  1. by   dstmoon
    I applied to the new 2 practice program. They called and I tested and interviewed. Does that mean I got the job and just have to wait? Do they tell you whether or not you got the job after an interview?
  2. by   dstmoon
    I applied to the new2practice program. I passed the test and was interviewed. does that mean I will get an offer, I just have to wait until they call? Will they tell me after an interview that I didn't get it?
  3. by   jcumerma
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to leave some information for future applicants to Temple's N2P Program.

    Everything on this thread has been accurate so far as to the process you go through - invitation to take the two tests (pre-interview). One is general med/surg and another is pharmacology - all very basic questions and you should be fine fresh out of nursing school. If not, study a bit and maybe have a friend sit down to make sure you're good. It's online so..google is available as it is in the real world.

    After you nail the tests, follow up with them and let them know you've completed them. They will call back after that and schedule you for a panel interview. Mine was with 5 nurse managers from the hospital and they were all VERY nice, talkative, encouraging, etc. They were laughing and joking a lot of the time, but it was excellent because they also knew when to be focused and ask me the questions they needed to ask (why nursing, what areas do you like, resume review/job history, tell us about yourself, how would you handle a patient refusing meds, how would you handle a difficult co-worker, etc). I was nervous because it was a panel, but remember - we are new grads so they are only going to ask general, basic interview questions. Be honest, remember SAFETY and COMMUNICATION are big factors for resolving conflicts and safety is always top priority.

    Other tips for the interview - read a bit about the hospital on their website to know why you would want to work there. Think about the units you'd like to work in and be ready to answer why that area of nursing. Be flexible, this will make you seem easy to place and if you want a job in this tough market, just be flexible when they ask things like "day shift or night shift?". Make sure you make eye contact with everyone in the room while you're talking and smile/relax as I'm sure they will be. Show how excited you are to work as a nurse and give excellent, safe care in an environment where you can constantly learn . Last tip is to have questions prepared for them, as this makes you seem very prepared - what's the nurse/patient ratio, what type of minorities are common at Temple, how long is the orientation and does it include didactic parts separate from clinical or is it separated in different days?

    Hope all of this helps guys. Good luck and be persistent (but not pushy/annoying) and follow up! Be sure to ask them for their names, shake all of their hands to seem professional, and smile smile smile . Cheers!
  4. by   dstmoon
    I passed the test and was interviewed? Does that mean I got the job but just have to wait? Does anyone know how it works? Thanks.
  5. by   dstmoon
    Do they let you know either way? Does the fact that I passed the test and had the interview mean that I am in?
  6. by   dstmoon
    Just so you all know, I didn't mean to put on some many of the same posts. I made a mistake and then could not retract it.
  7. by   Tneo8385
    how did you find the program
  8. by   Be23
    hey have you heard back from temple? i also interviewed this month but have not heard back from them.
  9. by   Be23
    you have to contact temples HR department
  10. by   Tneo8385
    so I just call and ask them about the new to practice program, is it a certain person I should ask for?
  11. by   dstmoon
    I was told they were to decide by Friday the 10th. I still haven't heard anything, either way. They said they would keep me posted, so I assumed I would hear either way. The good thing, I am still in the running; the bad thing, I am going crazy. Has anyone else heard anything?
  12. by   Be23
    when i called last thursday they told me the nurse managers would be deciding soon but she has no definite date it could be a couple days to two weeks
  13. by   punchie527
    Hello All,

    I tested and interviewed in late April and just received a call on Wednesday with an offer. You should all hear something soon.

    Good luck!!