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Hi. I applied for Temple's New to Practice Program a few weeks ago and just received word that my initial application was accepted. In the FAQ's, it says that applicants will have to take competency exams after they are selected.... Read More

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    Did anyone else get an email asking for reference letters and transcripts

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    No. It is sad ha.
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    Congrats and good luck to you. You may just want to research Temple and their vision if you haven't already. Beth
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    ea.arnold did you get an email asking for your transcripts and reference letters?
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    I know they held a lot of interviews yesterday. The start date is in January.
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    I'm trying to find out if someone did not get any emails from them at this point are they totally out of the running.
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    I just called and talked to a very nice lady, wish I got her name, but I found out there are going to be a few rounds of interviews and she told me to not worry about not getting the email yet because they haven't sent them all out yet. Well, hopefully we are still all in the running.
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    I haven't recvd any emails whatsoever. I'm trying to stay encouraged. I had my first And only interview last week for Christiana Hosp in DE and was told yest I didn't make the cut, I think by not hvg any exp other than clinicals r hurting my chances, Eventthough I grad with 3.7 from LaSalle Univ,
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    I worked as a nurse's aide for a little while and haven't been doing very well with getting interviews only not hospital places. I graduated from La Salle also. I asked the lady from Temple if a person didn't get any email asking for references or transcripts does that count the person out and she said no it doesn't count you out.
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    no and I called HR after hearing about val's good news. She said they haven't picked candidates yet. When I told her that someone I knew had been called, she put me through to a women named Teri. Of course Teri was only a voicemail but I left a message. Beth

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