RRT going to nursing school

  1. Hello everyone, I am a Registered respiratory therapist who is going to nursing school this coming spring semester, I want someone to give me some advices in my next 2 years. I just graduate from Respiratory school last years and now i am working full time and going to school. anyone has some successful stories about respiratory therapist went back to nursing school. I am too afraid to tell my co-workers that i am going back for nursing, because i believe they will be very upset that i am moving on. . anyone work full time and go to nursing school ? anyone is RRT/RN?
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  3. by   jp267
    I'm not a RRT but I think it's great that your going to nursing school. You have a very valuable skill set that should definitely help you in nursing!
  4. by   reachingmydream
    That is great, I am a Radiologic Technologist (AKA x-ray tech) and I am
    also looking to go back for nursing!
  5. by   Crux1024
    Im just curious here, OP.

    Would you be able to function as RRT and RN in one position? Or would it be one or the other.??
  6. by   sup8na
    I hope someone who is RRT/RN can give me some advices,
  7. by   philRRTNPS
    as far as being an RRT/RN, i doubt there is any such position. Unless you were a transport RN that held responsibilities for a mechanically ventilated patient. You can implement RRT skills as an RN though, particularly in the critical care setting. It all depends on where you work, as where some hospitals allow RN's to draw blood gases and do some respiratory work (trach care, blah blah etc.), and in lieu, other places the RRT is solely taking care a patient's respiratory care plan.