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Penn State Hershey's Medical Center GN Residency 2012 - page 6

Hey everyone. Thought it would be nice to start this thread. Has anyone applied for this residency program or has been through this program? I just applied to the program and am curious to learn... Read More

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    BRIARCREST? did u go see it i did,,, i didnt like it at all, plus its electric heat!!!
    im going to be at springford come there instead
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    Wow, i didnt go there yet. Am officially disappointed. Maybe i should just go look at the houses physically. I was relying on the floor plans and pictures that they emailed me. Thanks a lot.
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    Hi everyone! Looks like most of you are started in the January 2012 program - if so I hope you are loving it! Is anyone interviewing for this upcoming July 2012 cohort? I have my interview next week - any tips or advice? Thanks!
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    I also have an interview next week. I was hoping people would have written how they liked it once they started!
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    I had my interview last week too. Has anyone heard from them yet? They said they'd be calling with offers immediately.
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    I haven't yet - the recruiter told me she would be calling people today and Monday. The units I interviewed on said they would be making decisions by yesterday. I keep checking my phone, I will let you know if I get a call - let me know too!
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    I received an offer via email for the Neuroscience CCU this morning...
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    I got an offer yesterday! Anyone else hear back yet? I am going to be moving from out of state, I would love to start getting to know people!
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    Hey New Grads! I am starting a position in the Neuro ICU at Hershey Med Center June 4. I have been a nurse for almost two years now. Good luck to those of you who recently interviewed!

    I am looking for a female room mate to share a 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bedroom apt at Madison at Hershey Heights. Personal message me if you're interested.
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    Congratulations on getting hired at Penn State Hershey! I am going into my last year of nursing school in a BSN program and I am thinking of applying to Hershey. To those who were hired: what kind of experience did you have on your resume? Did you all have nursing internships/externships? If so, how many? I was unable to get an externship this summer (between junior and senior year), and am concerned this will hurt my chances of being hired. Through my school, I will have to complete an internship during my last semester as a graduation requirement. Any information would be great! Again, congratulations!
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    Hey OconnorMc6,

    Good luck with your last year of nursing school! I was hired for the Nurse Residency and start this Monday - I was unable to find a summer externship last summer, I am not from PA and my state did not offer summer internships. The economy is awful! However, I worked as an assistant manager - and really focused on those strengths and skills during my interview. If you can find a job, I would find one where you can gain customer service skills, leadership, delegation, etc. and really talk these up. Or even try and volunteer once a week at a local hospital if you can. I also was really active in my schools Student Nurse Association. Through my school I also did a senior internship, and my only advice would be to try and get placed in the speciality that you want (if you do not want to do med-surg) because I think that helped me get into the speciality I want to be in at Hershey Medical Center. I liked Hershey's application because I felt that the essays and references allowed for a bigger picture of the candidate versus just a standard application. Good luck!!! Any questions let me know!
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    Hi everyone! I was asked to interview for their Heart and Vascular Institute Progressive Care Unit. If anyone in the past has gone through that program, have you been able to transfer to ICU during your 2 year contract or are you required to remain on the progressive care unit. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!