Penn State Hershey's Medical Center GN Residency 2012 - page 6

Hey everyone. Thought it would be nice to start this thread. Has anyone applied for this residency program or has been through this program? I just applied to the program and am curious to learn more about this program. Anyone... Read More

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    Congrats kiatu10!!

    now you just have to choose which one lol =D

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    I was kind of hoping that everyone I've been chatting with here got in. Did anyone else get that email? Maybe they just sent out ones for critical care but others are yet to come.
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    No email yet... Did they say when they deadline is for a decision? Hopefully we will find out tmrw
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    When I spoke to Lynn during the introduction period, she said we should hear from them by the mid of the week. So i think its more of a departmental delay hence emails coming out in bits too. So I would still just hold onto the candle. More emails are coming.
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    I got it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Great am happy for you. That means more emails are coming soon.
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    I accepted my offer from the HVICU yesterday morning!!!! Congrats everyone
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    I accepted mine to and am working on the PA licence now. Hope i will get it soon. I applied for both temporary and permanent. Am hoping finding housing out there wont be a problem.
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    kiatu i too am looking, if youd like email me and i can send u some decent looking places be careful of the ones which are super cheap! also look at the apartment ratings!!!
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    Hey, I just found this forum and accepted a residency spot a few days ago in the cancer institute. Congrats to everyone who got an offer as well, I look forward to meeting all you guys on the 16th. It'll be an exciting time.

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