Penn accelerated BSN 2012 - page 3

Hi, Has anyone heard when Penn is sending out the decisions for the Second degree BSN program? Also when did you have a phone or in-person interview? I haven't heard back from them and I had a phone... Read More

  1. by   Chomper13
    I am in exactly the same boat as you are!

    Curious why I got wait-listed @ Penn, got into JHU, and waiting to hear from Duke.

    I think everything considered, JHU it is for me, at least for now...
  2. by   mk2134
    Almost the same boat here....didn't apply to JHU. Anyone else feel like Penn just waitlisted everyone they didn't accept?
  3. by   umdgrad
    For those of you that were accepted, are any of you in the combined BSN/MSN program? I got accepted into nurse anesthesia, definitely my top choice, but the cost of attending is really scary...

    good luck to everyone with all of their applications!!
  4. by   sd340
    Yeah, it definitely feels like there are a lot on the waitlist! I am sure not many make it off.
  5. by   cirrocumulus
    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything more specific about the wait list decision window. The last I heard was that next Monday is the soonest we can hear from Penn, but we may also not hear until April 9. That's a big window!

  6. by   renardeau
    I was reading over last year's thread, and it doesn't seem like many people (if any?) get off wait list... fingers crossed, I guess. And does anyone know if wait listed applicants still get considered for financial aid?

    What are people's other plans? I'm currently deciding between JHU and Duke, but Penn always lingers in the back of my mind...
  7. by   cirrocumulus
    yea i don't really imagine the wait list is drawn from much (if at all), but it can't hurt to stay on the wait list if you are realistic about it.
    i live in philadelphia and don't want to relocate, but i was accepted to both drexel & jefferson so i still have some awesome options here. i haven't visited duke, but when i went to an open house at JHU it was GREAT-- my boyfriend and i were both really impressed by the SoN and psyched about the program, so you have some great options either way, too! i honestly think most ABSN programs are pretty f*cking tough and future employers are going to respect that commitment, regardless of the specific school. good luck!
  8. by   sd340
    I haven't heard anything else either. I was checking the My Decision page, but now it's closed until regular applicants can view theirs on the 29th. I have no idea if we will get an e-mail or if it will be on that page. If I don't make it off the list, I am going to Drexel. I live near Philadelphia as well and cannot relocate right now.
  9. by   sd340
    Any updates from anyone? Any word of anything? One week left!
  10. by   Kelsea1214
    Any one accepted/applied willing to share their stats such as GPA, GRE (if applicable), work experience etc.?

    I am interested in applying to the ABSN, possibly MSN, program, but haven't been able to visit the campus yet. Can any one who has attended an open house/interview share their thoughts??


    To be fair... I have: a BS in Dietetics from University of Delaware, w/undergrad GPA 3.0 (low I know!), my CNA license, shadowing experience, volunteer experience, management work experience (in a restaurant, but it might help!), GPA in last 60 credits is around 3.5-3.6 at present moment, haven't taken GREs yet :/
  11. by   KDSkyy44
    I'm in the same boat as you Kelsea1214. I have a BS in Business Administration from College of Saint Elizabeth w/ uGPA of 2.94, just getting my CNA license, volunteer experience, Managed/worked/co-founded Veterinary practice for the past 5 years and worked as a technician prior to management. My pre-req courses and sciences I am holding a 4.0. That uGPA is my big killer but I have talked to them and the further away you are from your undergrad the less it weighs. I am about 6 years out so its pretty decent. I was considering the ABSN-MSN and haven't taken the GREs either :/

    I would be interested in all the same information that you are. How did you find shadowing experience?