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Hi, Has anyone heard when Penn is sending out the decisions for the Second degree BSN program? Also when did you have a phone or in-person interview? I haven't heard back from them and I had a phone interview in early December.... Read More

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    Accepted! I've also been accepted at JHU and UR, but this is definitely my top choice. I hope to talk to others that will be joining me.

    @ccb1 - yeah, that is really strange. Congrats on JHU and UW though! Both of them are really good.
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    I was wait listed too so I still have some hope, though who knows what the chances of actually making it in from the list are... Congrats to those who made it in!
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    Those that didn't get in, where are you going?
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    ccb1: I am surprised you didn't get in either! At least you have UW and JHU to choose from! You are lucky that you could apply to so many great schools. I had to stick to around where I live. There are definitely great schools around here, but that would have been awesome to apply to those two! Good luck : )
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    @amyf/sd340 - I'm still not sure if i will choose UW or JHU, it comes down to the decision of whether i want to move or not (i currently live in seattle). I honestly thought i had a better chance of getting into Penn when compared to UW or JHU. UW really emphasized previous health care experience which I dont have much of, and JHU said they looked more closely at the applicant's entire academic record whereas Penn said they considered the most recent academics. My pre-req gpa was 4.0, but my undergrad gpa ('01 grad) was 3.1. I also thought i wrote stronger essays for Penn.

    I'm not sure why i had my heart set on Penn, but it was my first choice. I think the programs are very comparable, and from what I have heard from working RN's where you get your degree doesn't amount to a hill of beans in the long run. I'm not really that upset, just curious as to why i would be accepted at some schools and not another. Seattle is an amazing city, but i've lived here for a while and want a change of pace. I have always like Philly so i thought i would go there, but i'm sure Baltimore has a lot to offer as well.
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    Baltimore is pretty cool actually. It has its charm. I got into JHU as well. Wait-listed for Penn, which was actually somewhat of a pleasant surprise as I heard almost nothing from them since I applied (no interview or anything.) And still waiting to hear from Duke.
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    I am in exactly the same boat as you are!

    Curious why I got wait-listed @ Penn, got into JHU, and waiting to hear from Duke.

    I think everything considered, JHU it is for me, at least for now...
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    Almost the same boat here....didn't apply to JHU. Anyone else feel like Penn just waitlisted everyone they didn't accept?
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    For those of you that were accepted, are any of you in the combined BSN/MSN program? I got accepted into nurse anesthesia, definitely my top choice, but the cost of attending is really scary...

    good luck to everyone with all of their applications!!
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    Yeah, it definitely feels like there are a lot on the waitlist! I am sure not many make it off.