No jobs for newly licensed LPNs?

  1. Hi, I'm newly licensed LPN (Sept 2012), and it seems there is NO LPN JOBS available in Philadelphia, PA area for those without paid experience (at least 1 year, in most cases more than 2 years). I'm applying everywhere - online and in person: all with no successs! It's frustrating and depressing. This is just a descrimination - plain and simple! How can one get an experience without someone giving them a chance to earn it? But enough whining. Can anyone give me an advice on what to do? I'll appretiate any pointers. Tx!
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  3. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I know a few people who graduated from Lincoln Tech in Phila as LPN's and they have jobs already, one of my girlfriends work for an agency, it might not be the best place to start out HOWEVER, you have to start somewhere and gain some type of experience so try agencies and prisons as well good luck.
  4. by   skittlebear
    Don't get up hope OP! Keep filling out applications....even to the places that don't post that they need help. That's how I got several of my jobs (I have 3). I applied because I heard good things about the company. I filled out an application even though they didn't state they were hiring when, in fact, they were. One job I wanted so bad that I called after a few weeks of not hearing anything. I talked directly with the nurse manager. She stated, "Yes, we are hiring and I never even seen your application. Human resources must have made a mistake." I got an interview with her the next day and landed a job that I now still have 7 years later. Don't be afraid to be persistent.
  5. by   LadyFree28
    My facility is open to hiring new grad LPNs. Pediatric facility. Three Nurses (including myself) are leaving or reducing hrs to advance their positions in acute care. If interested, I can give the info.