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New Nurse in Philadelphia - Where 2 Apply?

  1. 0 Some of my classmates are saying hospitals only accepy new nurses under their "New Graduate Nurse" offerings and it is waste of time to apply to anything other than that.

    Am I wasting my time? For example, Temple has a lot of open jobs that I would love to have, but Ive been told they only offer jobs to new nurses in their special "new graduate nurse" positions.
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    I looked into Philly jobs around 2008-2010 and that was true. Most of the local hospitals would ONLY hire new grads as part of some new grad program available either 0-2 times per year. Maybe this can be moved to the PA forum for more replied.
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    Moved to PA Nursing forum for more response from our PA nurses. Good luck with the job search.
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    PS - to add to my original post, I earned a BSN from a top Philly school, won a couple awards, high gpa.

    Does this matter? Do ANY of the local hospitals hire new grads in to critical care / ICU positions?
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    UPENN hired a couple of my classmates.
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    Some hospitals only hire in special new grad positions, but some will hire for any open position that doesn't require experience. I had classmates start in critical care at Hahnemann, Jefferson, and UPenn.

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