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I started my first prereq this fall and met with an advisor at my community college today (Montgomery County Community College) to come up with a course plan for me. I really would love to get into the Villanova BSN express... Read More

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    you know... I reading all of these comments about ccconline and was wondering what the heck it was and how I could take some of the courses through them.

    I need to check this place out more and see how I can do it.

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    which home college are you using for them?
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    Bucks offers Patho, and i would make sure the stats class will transfer to Villanova....And if you can take the Baccaris for A&P @ monto the Wife teaches 1 and the husband teaches 2.....They are hard, but you will learn, many students hate them because the other A&P teachers are easier, much easier.....students actually get to registration early to not have to take them. I took them both, it has paid off for me. Now in my nursing program I am breezing through. Since Montco doesn't offer patho, the Baccaris throw it into the A&P class when you have Patho, that class will be a joke and your Nursing classes will be like review after the Baccaris hammer A&P into you.....If you want to succeed as a nurse these two will teach you how to take NCLEX exams early on.
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    The Villanova BSN express has micro as a pre-req (well, it's micro, cell biology or genetics) so I'm not sure your current proposed schedule will work - you need to get micro in there at some point. (see pre-reqs here:
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    Beyondtrouble- Where did you take your religion pre-reqs? I see one at Montco that would work, did you take both there? Thanks!

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