Lasalle Achieve students/graduates, what was your gpa and nln score going in?

  1. I'm attempting to get in as a provisionally accepted Achieve nursing student finishing up my pre-reqs at La Salle.

    My gpa's are:

    Drexel U 1.6 I was greiving the death of my father. I already told admissions about this. They told me to write a personal statement.

    West Chester 3.0

    CCP 3.3

    Science pre-reqs are above 3.0.

    Lets say I get 120+ on NLN which I'm scheduled for at the end of november. What are my chances you think? The couselor said to apply and that I have a chance. Well is this a good chance? Or like a .00001 chance?? lol

    Anyway what were your gpa's/NLN's going in and your fellow classmates? thanks.
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  3. by   kayak133
    I attempted to apply there for Spring 2012. I was not pleased with the lack of professionalism from La Salle. In fact, it was way to the extent that I will never consider applying there again. For anything. I carried a 3.14 GPA, and while I was well above the requirement on the verbal score on the NLN exam, I was just a few points shy on the math. I am a national honor society member. Everytime I asked them my status as to whether I was accepted or not they would blow smoke in my face. I will not share the nature of their responses on this board. I could not afford the risk of paying for the physical exam and criminal history checks without clearly knowing as to whether I was going to be accepted or not. I thought it was wrong for them to imply to a group of students who were not accepted to start working on obtaining the health physical and criminal background checks without knowing their status. To top it off, I was told that it was never implied that students who had not received official communication of their acceptance were to start working on their criminal background checks when it was.

    There is no logic in inviting students to a meeting to discuss the importance of obtaining criminal background checks prior to clinical if they have not received official word of acceptance. Yes this was discussed candidly with the Dean and the President's Office.

    I have been accepted to Gwynedd Mercy College, and I am very pleased with their follow through. There has been one small glitch with the transfer of one of the courses. These people have gone well above out of their way to find financial aid for me, and to assist me in getting enrolled during the summer for the course I need to continue with nursing in the Fall. They have student volunteers contacting you to remind you of what you need to do.

    I hope you were able to enter for the Spring of 2012 to the school of your choice. Good luck and best wishes.
  4. by   winterlights08
    Kayak, I agree with you completely. I have a friend who is trying to get in there and they have done nothing but string her along. Granted she barely met the gpa requirement, but they have her taking the NLN for a third time (in 6 months) because they've decided now they would really like to see a higher score then the previously required minimum score (which she did meet on the second time). She's currently taking classes there now and met all the other requirements. She also went to the meeting and now here we are in June and they still haven't given her a straight answer. It's either yes or no. It looks like she's going to have to reapply for next fall. This is the only school she applied to and I guess she really has her heart set on it.

    I gave up on them too and haven't bothered sending my spring transcripts to see if I was accepted or not. I have a 3.84 gpa, a 144 on the NLN but because I was still finishing my sciences this spring they couldn't make a decision. Got As in both of them. Apparently my friend has a friend who bombed the verbal section of the NLN but was offered acceptance based on a near perfect GPA (how does that happen?). I understand they have a policy, but it seems like they've made allowances regarding other requirements and they wouldn't do that for me when I really needed to make a decision.

    I was offered acceptance to Widener back in January (!) with a 1/2 scholarship based on my current grades and didn't have those sciences completed. So needless to say that's where I am now, started last month and so far so good and I feel that the whole process was pretty organized and straightforward compared to LaSalle.