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Is anyone waiting for acceptance letter from the Achieve Program at LaSalle? what exactly takes so long for people to get an acceptance letter?... Read More

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    Yes we are...

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    i feel soo relieved now...but still working on getting everyting in the package...having difficult finding a weekend CPR.....
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    the safety institute is having one on 6/27...but it's a full four hour class...they don't have anymore renewal classes before LSU's June 30th deadline...hope that helps!
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    Thank you!!! Im calling now!!!!
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    No problem!
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    Try Thomas Jefferson. They always have classes.
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    thanks again...i have enrolled on 06 27 09 at safety...
    question, how are you guys beginning to prepare for whatever lies
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    Trying to enjoy the rest of the summer before I totally have absolutely no life, LOL. nbch:
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    oneday...thanks again...took the cpr today...finally!!!

    some people still have not got letters.. i do feel bad for them...too much stress waiting, waiting and waiting...
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    I know the second round of letters went out the first week of June and ppl had one month to confirm...I guess based on if some of those ppl don't accept maybe a few more ppl might get in? So are you going to the uniform fitting on the 15th?

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