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For years, I was reluctant to apply to LaSalle while finishing my pre-reqs at CCP. I guess I was intimidated, countless people told me to apply...but I put it off, fearing rejection. May 2012, I finally applied…studied for the... Read More

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    I'm new here. I also have applied to the Achieve program for Fall 2013 and hope that I get in. The only thing that I was waiting for was my NLN scores and that was received yesterday. Has anyone been accepted and how long did it take to hear back?

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    I've only received a "favorable consideration" letter. You should be getting an email soon about the required info session we have to attend in order to be considered for official admittance into the program.
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    How long did it take for you to receive your
    "favorable consideration" letter?
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    Also, is there a specific date for the info session or is there a list of dates to choose from?
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    It took two weeks after I took the NLN to receive the letter. Yes, there are a list of dates and times for the info sessions.
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    Hi Angie-Baby...

    It took 7 days after my NLN scores to receive my "favorable consideration" (September), and I had a 1:1 with the assistant director (*******) several days later. From what I've gathered they no longer have the 1:1 (but I could be wrong), I did attend an information session prior to even taking the NLN. I haven't been invited to one since going in August...but I've been instructed that more info should be coming my way soon (next few weeks). But everything is different for everyone. I guess it depends on alot of different factors.

    However, as of today I have not recieved an offical accpetance. So I am in the same boat as you...anxiously awaiting some "good" news.
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    ***I had sent all of the other required documents prior to taking the NLN (child abuse, criminal background, transcripts, application)**
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    Thank you for the reply. I'm so nervous! I'm pretty much finished all my pre-reqs except for religion but I'm not sure if I have to take that since I have a BS (I've heard conflicting reports). Now the waiting game starts. Do you know if they tell everyone if they have been accepted at a certain date or is it rolling?
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    I emailed ******* to ask when we'd receive a decision letter. She told me two weeks after we attend the info session, so I'm assuming it's a rolling type thing.
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