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La Salle University's Achieve program Fall 2011?

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    i just wanted to share this little plan that i have made up for me to finish all my pre-req's (at burlington county college) for lasalle's evening/weekend bsn program. i can't wait!!! join in my excitement! lol

    prerequisites for achieve program, 70 credits



    english composition i complete
    english composition ii complete
    statistics complete
    introduction to computers complete
    anatomy & physiology i (spring 2010)
    anatomy & physiology ii (fall 2010)
    microbiology (fall 2010)
    nutrition (summer 2010)
    chemistry (spring 2010)
    introduction to sociology complete
    developmental psychology complete
    introduction to psychology complete
    100 level philosophy (spring 2010)
    200 level philosophy (summer 2010)
    100 level religion (taking at lasalle)
    200 level religion (summer 2010)
    literature (themes in writing) (summer 2010)
    world history (fall 2010)
    fine arts mus 101 complete
    fine arts ital 101 complete
    elective med. term complete
    elective bio 103 complete
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    What is the Achieve Program.... I'm currently at CCP and did not know that LaSalle offered an evening and weekend BSN program
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    Good luck with everything!! Does your college offer the dual admission agreement with LaSalle?
    I just got accepted for this coming Fall 2010 to LaSalle under the dual agreement with my college and got a great scholarship. Try for the best grades possible to take advantage of free money that LaSalle offers!! Good luck!!
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    Good Luck. Very chaotic.
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    Yea LaSalle has an evening/weekend program! I can not wait :-) It is gonna be ridiculous while working full time at the VA in Philly but I think I can do it!! lol Thanks for the good wishes guys!
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    It's totally doable. I attend the ACHIEVE program, still work full-time, and have three children. Definitely not easy, but not impossible either. Good luck!
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    Hi everyone
    I intend to submitting an application to the Achieve program. My current GPA is 2.9 and with a few more classes I should have a 3.0. Any advice whether to apply now (so I know which pre-req's I definitely need) or to wait until I have a 3.0?

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    I would apply now...that way your already in the queue. Also, it'll help for them to look at your transcripts and tell you which courses they'll definitely accept for transfer and what you still need etc. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much! I think I will!
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    I just got accepted for La Salle's achieve program for fall 2011 too! I'm so excited. I only have one pre-req left (Microbiology with lab) and I'll be taking that as I work full-time. I intend on working full-time at my day job and doing La Salle's classes at night. It's going to be intense!
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    Itsaroad! congratulations on your acceptance!! im going into 2nd year...
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    I got an interview already and now I just need to take the nln exam and pass it this week. I am scared that I wont get a good grade. I am excited for the program because I can work and study. I really don't want to have to take out any loans. Lets see!.....