Jobs for New Grads in Philadelphia Area??

  1. I am graduating soon and am from up north in the Great Lakes Area. I have family in the Philadelphia-area and am looking for acute care positions. I am wondering what the outlook is for jobs for new graduates, names of employers/hospitals, and any other information that anyone would be willing to share with me. I know the job market is tough whenever you go. Thank you for any help.
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  3. by   chuckster
    I'm in southeastern PA, Phila suburbs. We have about 25 nursing programs (ADN, BSN and more than a couple of diploma programs) in the area from which about 2,000 new grads pass the NCLEX each year and enter the job market. The BLS data show that on average over the past couple of years, about 100 - 200 new nursing jobs are created annually in the region. With a generally bad economic situation, and very few RN's retiring, the job market for new grads is, to say the least, tough. Based on what I've read, I strongly suspect that the situation is similar in any number of metro areas across the country but haven't looked at their data to confirm.

    Things will undoubtedly loosen up but the bottom line is that right now, in more places than not, the nursing shortage is like Beowulf - stuff of myth and legend.
    I posted that earlier today in response to a similar query. The situation is tough but not impossible and looks to be easing a bit. Hahnemann recently announced that they would be reducing patient:nurse ratios and hiring over a hundred new nurses. I think that like everyone else they're looking for experienced RN's rather than new grads but it can't hurt to give them a shot. Temple Univer Hospital also seems to be hiring or at least posting for nurses.

    Good luck with your job hunt.
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    It has been very tough in the Philadelphia area since 2008. Too many schools graduating too many students chasing too few new grad jobs in a tough economy. As long as you don't assume you will get a job right away and you are persistent, you will probably get something. It may be in LTC or subacute to start, but take what you can to get the experience. Acute care is a tougher proposition, but I know 2 people who recently moved into acute care after doing LTC. You will definitely have to be willing to sell yourself to the HR people and of course, the nurse managers.
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    Thanks for your replies. I currently have a job in a TCU. I do not want to permanently move to Philadelphia, just get new graduate experience in an acute care setting.