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Has anyone been accepted to the 2013 APW program at Jefferson in Philadelphia?... Read More

  1. by   asher07
    Quote from phillyphan
    Has anyone been accepted to the 2013 APW program at Jefferson in Philadelphia?
    I have an interview on April 18th for the APW program.
  2. by   Swellz
    Nobody I know who lived on campus kept their car there, so I couldn't tell you anything about pricing.
    I work a lot, so I don't have that much time to socialize, not going to lie LOL. I probably only go out once every two weeks. Students who don't work go out a lot more than I do though! But it's pretty easy to grab a beer after class with all the good bars around campus.
  3. by   phillyphan
    Good luck on your interview asher07!!!!!
  4. by   mk989
    Good to know! Swellz do you or anyone in nursing feel that they ever have time to use the gym or go to the exercise classes?
  5. by   Swellz
    Pretty much only people who live on campus use the gym, just because it is so convenient for them. They charge extra for classes, but they are still often cheaper than going to classes at other gyms.
  6. by   asher07
    After being re-scheduled several times, I had my interview. I was accepted :-)
  7. by   phillyphan
    Awesome!!! Congratulations asher07 - So happy for you! Looking forward to the fall!!!!
  8. by   happiness7
    I just got accepted to APW program for fall '13 term! Nice to meet you all! I'm excited for all of us!
  9. by   happiness7
    Is anyone considering living on campus? or is everyone living off campus? Do we need a car if we decide to live on campus? can't wait to visit Philadelphia over the summer!
  10. by   asher07
    I'm going to live on campus but I'm not taking a car due to limited parking. Not to mention parking in the city is very expensive. I guess I'll be taking public transit.
  11. by   happiness7
    Which residential are u looking into?? Ohh and we will have no problem with going to diff clinical rotations? Btw are u from the area?
  12. by   mk989
    Congrats asher and happiness! I am also planning to live on-campus. I put in for Orlowitz in January but I think they are deciding about housing now until like May 29th or so. I liked how close Orlowitz was to the library and the apartments were beautiful. So excited for our program to start!
  13. by   happiness7
    thanks mk989! i'm really excited for our program too! so deadline for housing application is may 29th?? I guess I need to decide ASAP! Btw, did you go on the campus tour? how did you think about other residential halls? Like.. Martin Hall? So you can still apply for on campus apartment even if you don't have roommates? Thanks! btw are you from the area?