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Jefferson 2013 APW program - page 3

Has anyone been accepted to the 2013 APW program at Jefferson in Philadelphia?... Read More

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    Hi Swellz! Thanks so much for the info! And congratulations on your impending graduation from the APW program! I have a question about the iPad - I heard that it is required that we purchase one for the program, and I wonder how often you and your fellow students used it, and what everyone thought about it. Do you have to carry it around with you in clinicals? Was it helpful, or not? Thanks again for posting above, it is great to hear from a student currently in the program!
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    Thanks! I'm so relieved I am almost there!
    When I started, only FACT students were required to have iPads, and we could have any device that ran the software they required us to have. However, an iPad is very cumbersome in clinical. My first clinical instructor also did a FACT rotation and she told them to leave them at home. I know iPad minis are much smaller but unless you get pants with cargo pockets, they will still be a pain to carry around. You should definitely get pants with cargo pockets anyway though; they were only in the male pants, and I wish I had bought them instead of the female version.
    I have an iPod Touch which worked great for me. The software they make you get is crazy expensive but it is handy when you are giving out your meds and need to look them up in a hurry. Honestly, I think it is a ridiculous requirement that you go out and buy one, but as long as what you have runs Nursing Central from Unbound Medicine, you should be fine. Don't go buy one until you are sure it is required!
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    Hi Swellz, also congrats on finishing the APW program. I have some questions if it would be possible for you to answer them:

    1) Is it necessary to have a car for clinicals?
    2) Did you move directly from the BSN to MSN, or did you get some work experience as an RN then resume/or take the MSN courses part-time?
    3) How long did it take you to finish the MSN portion? (I am applying to a scholarship that requires start/end dates for each part of the program, and am trying to figure out an estimate).
    3) How did you prepare for the NCLEX?
    4) Where did you live? (I am planning on living in Orlowitz TJU Apartments at least for the first year).

    Again thank you so much for your time!


    mkr989 (future Fall 2013 APW student)
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    Swellz: Thank you so much for the information regarding the iPad - I do have an iPod touch, so I will try first to get by with that. And thanks for the tip about the cargo pants! Again, congratulations on your upcoming graduation - you must be so happy!
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    Is anyone going to accepted students' day this weekend? I know many people are probably still in the process of applying to the APW program but I am going to attend.
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    Hi mk989!

    I was very sad not to be able to attend the accepted students reception due to a scheduling conflict. Did you end up going? How was it?

    Hope all went well and you had a great day if you did go!
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    I did go, it was a good event it was very informative. They first had all the different accepted majors together (different nursing paths, pharmacy, occupational therapy, etcetera) then separated all into each program. There were several presentations including financial aid and a student panel. It was good, I'm very excited fot the program to start!
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    Phillyphan, are you planning to live on or off campus?
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    Hi mk989, glad to hear you were able to attend the event and that it was informative! I did go on a campus tour awhile ago and that included a tour of some of the student apartments in Orlowitz which I thought was pretty nice. Have you had a chance to look at it? But I plan to live off-campus. I am excited too for the program to start!
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    Yes, I actually plan on living in Orlowitz as I am from MD (it's right next to classes and the library, so stoked). I am a tiny bit worried about clinical travel though. If the sites are super far away it may be hard to get there without a car (I can't bring one there at first, since there really isn't a place to keep it). Apparently they will let us know the location 2-3 weeks beforehand (thank God).
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    Quote from mk989
    Yes, I actually plan on living in Orlowitz as I am from MD (it's right next to classes and the library, so stoked). I am a tiny bit worried about clinical travel though. If the sites are super far away it may be hard to get there without a car (I can't bring one there at first, since there really isn't a place to keep it). Apparently they will let us know the location 2-3 weeks beforehand (thank God).
    So I never responded to the post you left me. Glad you PMed me lol. Let me address the car situation. Living on campus is going to make it a lot easier. I live in the suburbs and don't have a car, and I got through it, but I also had help.
    Med-surg, Tele, and Complex Care are at TJUH. Neuro is either at TJUH or JHN. So no worries on those.
    OB and Peds were definitely assigned by address. That being said, some people had to travel from the city or even Jersey out to my area for clinical. Some people carpooled, some people sucked it up and drove, but on the weekend you usually can't get there on time with public transportation. We also had to do some days in the community for peds, and although they were accessible by public trans, they were in the Hood. H capitalized for a reason.
    Psych could be a problem, but some people were at TJUH. I had to get someone to drive me or take the El and a bus from Center City to get to the facility. But, it is only 6 clinical days.
    Community Health is the only one that may be a real challenge. It all depends on where they place you. You could get the jail, which is a long drive away. You could get homecare, which will require you to drive, or at least be paired with someone who drives (depends on whether you get PA or NJ homecare). You could be at a school and not have anyone to rely on because no one else is placed there. It really varies. But, if you got to community, you are on your last semester and I am sure you will have something figured out LOL.

    Also, don't let them fool you with clinical schedules. You will never get it as early as you want/need it.
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    Also, in reference to your old post where you asked about NCLEX prep - you pay for Kaplan with your tuition. Use it's online components early and often. I also bought NCLEX Made Incredibly Easy, which is a good content review. It also has more alternate format questions online, which Kaplan doesn't have many of for whatever reason. If I feel confident with those sources, that is all I intend to use. I still have a couple months to prep though, so things may change.
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    Thank you Swellz. All very helpful information. Do you know of anyone who has lived on-campus apartments and kept a car? The problem is just finding a place to keep it that won't completely drain my wallet. Also does anyone know of a facebook group for our cohort (the APW students and the Prelicensure students)? It may be a good idea to start one up so we can all help each other out/build community.

    Finally, I have a question outside of academics for you Swellz. Do you feel you had time for other activities outside of nursing? Like enjoying Philadelphia and/or doing classes/sports at the JHU gym?