Gwynedd Mercy ABSN May 2017 - page 3

So I just got accepted to Gmercys accelerated nursing program and I am so relieved that I got in. Anyone else starting in May? Does anyone have any extra info they are willing to share?... Read More

  1. by   als23
    Hi All- I just graduated from this program and would caution anyone to think twice about attending this program. I did very well in the program (I was at the Philly campus) but had so many issues with it. As someone stated earlier, there was a severe lack of organization or support. They frequently changed schedules on you , scheduled many people for weekend clinicals when we were told that this would not happen and it did not provide good learning opportunities. The program recently got a new director who is trying to make all kinds of changes and enforce things that students were never told about. When they make mistakes they will not take any responsibility for them. Most recently, they failed to send in confirmation to the state that half of our class completed the program, meaning that they delayed our ability to sit for the NCLEX by several weeks. I would go anywhere else if you have other options.