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HI guys, so I am very new to this but I am EXTREMELY anxious about getting accepted into this program for the Fall. I have a Public Health Degree and have quite some experience in the Health field... Read More

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    Quote from ashley_nicole

    PS: it's apartment style housing.
    Okay thanks so much for the info!

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    Has anyone that paid their deposit gotten the compliance package yet? I haven't paid the deposit yet (I will next week), but I'd like to know if Drexel sends them out as soon as you pay or what.
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    Hi all!
    I have been following this thread for awhile and finally decided to make an account . I want to congratulate everyone that has been accepted so far!! I'm super eager to hear back and am anxiously checking Discover Drexel everyday. I emailed Evan last week before the holiday break and be said they are currently reviewing late September applications. I applied in October and he said I probably should hear back by late Jan/Feb.

    Anyone else have other news on when we should hear back? I just remember reading earlier that admissions were hoping to deliver a decision for Oct applicants by late December/early Jan so hoping I hear back sooner than later.

    Here are some of my stats:
    Undergrad GPA: 3.3 (Psychology)
    Last 60 hours GPA: 3.7
    Prereq GPA: 4.0 (only Microbio left to complete this Spring)

    I've been in clinical research for 3 + years (volunteer and work) and submitted my CV. What do you guys think my chances are? Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I checked my application status today and found out i got accepted!!! I'm so excited that I have at least one option so far. I'm just worried about the time frame for the tuition down payment. I would like to hear back from my other choices before I commit to Drexel. And after reading other posts, $500 is a lot of money!!! Just wanted to share the good news with you guys.
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    Hi Everyone!

    I was accepted in Drexel's ACE Fall 2013 cohort as well! Congrats to all who have with me! I know there are TONS of posts on here and I did not get through them all but I was wondering if anyone has insight on the housing situation? I said I would live on campus since I am from pgh, but my friend who is a nursing student there says very few nursing students live in Center City. Rather, they take the Drexel shuttle there everyday from Main Campus (living is a little cheaper in University City). I will graduate from my 1st Bachelor's in may, so I feel like I may be younger than a lot of the applicants and would still like to live around a lot of students and the area I am familiar with. Also people who I know that go to Drexel live in University city (so I'd feel more secure around people I know although I am sure I will make nursing friends fast). But does anyone know what the 200 housing deposit covers? I know there is housing in Center City but does it count for all the housing on both campus's? Also any accepted students just out of their 1st bachelors in the same situation and not sure about living next year? Thanks!
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    If you decide to go on your own and live elsewhere (like University City) does Drexel help with that?
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    The electives are from your undergrad degree. I had the same question, it is nothing in particular. You just need to have a Bachelors then complete all the pre-reqs!
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    I know I have quite a thread here, but on the topic of housing is anyone interested in living in University City over the Center City apartments?
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    I'm also graduating in May with my first degree. I was on the fence about where to live, more so because I don't think I know anyone that lives in Center City or University City, and I'd rather live with someone I know. My best friend lives in Cherry Hill, and the PATCO takes you to 15th & Locust I believe - which is a block away from where class will be held. She's got a nice apartment and her lease will be up in the summer, so we've made arrangements to live in a two bedroom together. It's WAY cheaper and I don't have to worry about parking or driving into the City, which is perfect.

    Although I would love to live with someone in the program, this is just a better situation for me financially. And like you said, making nursing friends shouldn't be too hard!
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    i am from cherry hill originally and if i decide to attend drexel (which i am as of now) i will be commuting via patco as well, and its super easy and parking is free. its really not a bad situation at all

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