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HI guys, so I am very new to this but I am EXTREMELY anxious about getting accepted into this program for the Fall. I have a Public Health Degree and have quite some experience in the Health field (ie. hospitals, senior living... Read More

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    The same thing happened to me pmnguyen027!!! He emailed me back around 2pm today and I checked my application status back after my meetings today and I got in !!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO happy and excited!!!! CANT WAIT TO START!

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    scy5016 I go to PSU too and i'm a bbh major!! def have classes together! lol CONGRATS
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    What is his e-mail?
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    Quote from Juliemo
    What is his e-mail?
    Hi Juliemo,

    The advisor's email is emw75@drexel.edu I checked my application status yesterday and found out it was put on hold & may require additional documentation. I emailed Evan, but he is out of the office today and will return on Monday. I tried searching for other forums to figure out why my application was put on hold, and found that many said it was because Drexel wanted the grades for the prereqs they're currently taking. I'm taking chem now, so I'm assuming they want me to submit my grade before making a final decision...considering that this is my second time taking chem b/c i didn't do so well my first time.
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    Congrats to everyone who got in so far!!! Hopefully I will get in as well.
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    I applied to I applied to UMDNJ via nursing CAS. I didn't bother to follow up or see if I needed to turn in any other material, so that was pretty lazy of me I guess. At the same time, however, I didn't even get an automated email response from them. Oh well!
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    I did not apply to UMDNJ yet, because you have to have all pre-reqs complete before you can apply. I am still taking pre-reqs at this point. They require the least pre-reqs of any other school that I looked at in this area. I would prefer to go there because I am in NJ and I think overall it would be easier, but I don't believe you do any clinicals in Phila at all. Out of the last graduating class, only 2 students found jobs. That is what scares me....it seems that the nursing market in this area is flooded.
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    Still did not hear from Drexel.....waiting
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    I found out I got in today. I emailed Evan on Monday and he told me my application was in the que to be reviewed this week. I had all of my documents in by october 15th. Do you guys know when the deposit is due? I only had a 3.1 in my undergrad but had As in my prerequisites so I think that helped a lot. I still have 2 more prerequisites to complete. Good luck everyone! For those who haven't heard back yet, I would definitelly recommend emailing Evan. He's been very helpful throughout the application process.
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    Once you get your official acceptance letter in the mail, you have 60 days from the time you receive that letter to pay the deposit.

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