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HI guys, so I am very new to this but I am EXTREMELY anxious about getting accepted into this program for the Fall. I have a Public Health Degree and have quite some experience in the Health field (ie. hospitals, senior living... Read More

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    Congratulations GCKJ01! When did you apply? I applied in early October and I'm anxious to hear back.

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    Thank you!! I applied mid October and just found out on Wednesday. It took them awhile to process my Fall transcripts so that may be what is delaying your decision if you recently sent transcripts. Contacting Drexel helps. I contacted them to make sure that my transcripts arrived and as soon as they were processed i had a decision that day. Good Luck!!!
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    Congrats GCKJ01!!! Just wondering who you called to confirm your Fall transcripts were received?
    I also applied mid Oct and called the general Undergrad Admissions number early last week and they confirmed my Fall transcripts had been processed (finally! ~4 weeks) and my status still says Under Review/Complete. Thanks!!
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    I emailed (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF INDIVIDUALS IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS), he was very helpful and responds pretty fast. Good Luck!
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    Does anyone know if the facebook group for Fall 2013 can be made public? I don't have a fb account and it would be really helpful to get all the info and contribute through there once this thread dies down and especially during the semester... also may be useful for other students who don't have fb.
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    I got accepted for this Fall term!!! LOTS of great information on here, thanks everyone! Now to just get all my ducks in a row with all the immunizations and paperwork. I'm from TN and will start apt searching soon, does anyone know if I can do my background check before moving to the area like via online?
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    Hi Chessi89,
    Are you the moderator for the FB group? I deleted my page awhile ago and don't want to miss out on anything super important! My friend tried to search for it and it says private. Would you be willing to make it public to your fellow nonfacebookers or kindly ask the moderator??
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    For all those mid October applicants, I found out I was accepted sometime last week after calling to check my status!!! Super excited to meet you all! I also asked about the HEP B shots since I got them done when I was in grade school and if I needed to get a booster shot or redone. They said to get titers drawn and speak with my doctor to see if a booster is needed but most likely not if original series was consistent. Also mentioned the compliance package would be snail mailed and emailed in the next month or so for those who were wondering. Hope this helps!
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    Did you get get in? I got in for Fall 2013 woot woot!
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    Yourstruly_dm Im living in Brooklyn right now

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