Drexel ACE Spring 2014

  1. I know it is early, but I just found out I was accepted! I have to finish two more reqs, which I will do in the fall (i was told they have to be finished by Jan 15) Anyone else find out yet!? What are you expectations, and how will you be paying for the program, and then covering living expenses?
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  3. by   g.niki
    Congrats! I just found out I was accepted for Spring 14 as well! I have two pre-reqs to finish up, ethics and computer applications, which I plan to do in the fall. I'm not really sure what to expect yet. As far as cost, I'm waiting to see how much aid I can get first and then probably taking the rest out in private loans...not really sure of that yet either. I need to start my immunizations too. Looks like I have a lot of planning to do!
  4. by   knhirsch
    When did you guys apply?? How long did it take to find out??? I am waiting to hear!!
  5. by   g.niki
    I applied mid February. They started reviewing applications April 15 and when I called to see how long it takes to hear back they said about 6-8 weeks.
  6. by   Violethill
    I was recently accepted as well! I'm finishing microbiology and stats this semester, and fall semester I'm finishing my degree and the last prereq for the bsn programs (ethics). I'm hoping to get some financial aid and the rest I'm going to try to apply for private scholarships and most likely the majority will be covered from a loan.. Luckily I have family that live near philly so I'll be living with them... I'm still planning on applying to UPenn's program and Jefferson's.. but I kinda feel like I'll end up at Drexel
  7. by   misssummer7
    just found out i got accepted as well! my application was completed a few days before the april 15th. anyone thinking about defering for a year?
  8. by   misssummer7

    I will be applying to Jefferson as well. Are you going for FACT or APW?
  9. by   Violethill
    I'm planning on applying to the FACT program..
  10. by   ajaek
    I just got in for Spring 2014 as well! I've been wondering a lot about how everyone pays for this program, especially living expenses. It seems literally impossible to have a job while doing this program. So right now I work 2 jobs, and one is an overnight nurse tech on an orthopedic floor at RWJUH. It's great experience, but I can't wait to start Drexel
  11. by   xsmashBSN_RN

    I was accepted to the Fall 2013 ACE program. Basically financial aid will only cover about $12,500 for second degree students. Tuition alone for the program is $43,150 or somewhere in that ballpark. So the majority of us are taking out anywhere between $50 - $70 thousand dollars (depending on if you live on or off campus, in center city, etc) to cover tuition and living expenses. Classes are to run from Monday - Friday 8am to 5 or 6pm. Some people do work some hours here and there but not enough to live off of.

    Hope that answers your question!
  12. by   tua53200
    Congrats! I just received my award letter, not much aid at all!!! and I am also taking ethics and computer applications, all online at ccp!
  13. by   tua53200
    I applied around Feb 2013!
  14. by   tua53200
    Congrats! Yeah I just got my award letter, bot much help at all. I will also have to be seeking private loans, ugh!