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I know it is early, but I just found out I was accepted! I have to finish two more reqs, which I will do in the fall (i was told they have to be finished by Jan 15) Anyone else find out yet!? What... Read More

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    Hello All,
    I'm just wondering about the Ethics and Computer pre req I see being talked about.
    I don't see this pre req on the website. Just

    • English: 3 semester credits.
    • Chemistry with lab: 4 semester credits.
    • Developmental psychology: 3 semester credits.
    • Anatomy with lab*: 4 semester credits.
    • Physiology with lab*: 4 semester credits.
    • Microbiology with lab*: 4 semester credits.
    • Human nutrition: 3 semester credits.
    • Statistics: 3 semester credits.

    Any help is much appreciated! Have been working on pre-req's while working for two years and finally finished!
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    From what I've read on here it says March 31 and I spoke with Fran today she said " late April"
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    hello! quick question: the ethics and computer class I see this on the 2013-2014 pre req website, however I don't see this on the current one. I'm getting so confused!
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    Quote from UF Elena
    hello! quick question: the ethics and computer class I see this on the 2013-2014 pre req website, however I don't see this on the current one. I'm getting so confused!
    Hi Elena,

    Computer Science is no longer required. This applies to ACE classes starting in Spring 2014. You have the current required prereqs in your previous post.

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    Quote from ***
    Hi guys, I applied in September for Spring 2014 and got accepted last week. I was wondering if any of you guys can confirm my questions. 1. School starts in March? 2. There is no deadline to pay deposit to ensure our spot? Thanks!
    Classes start on March 31, 2014. Your $500 deposit is due 60 days after the date you receive your acceptance letter.

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    Hi everyone!

    I just applied a few days ago for the Spring 2014 cohort and I just found out that I was accepted! I'm so excited to embark on a new path and in a new place. I'm originally from New York City. Is anyone out there from NYC??? If so, please PM me! I'm not sure how the living situation will work. I'm excited to meet you all!
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    How is ACE payed for? Do we pay for the program all at once, or 2 quarters at a time? I am just curious because since I am beginning in March 2013, I haven't filed my FASFA for the 2014-2015 school year. But as Ive read most second bachelor's degree students only get about 12,000 dollars, so with that in mind would it be recommended to take out a loan to cover the rest? And which loans would you recommend? Thanks!
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    Do you all recommend Drexel's ACE program? I was just accepted and trying to decide between ACE and West Chester's Advance to BSN program. I like the 11month's of Drexel and the fact that I have the option of city hospitals for my clinicals, but my friend and her friend both advised me not to go. They didn't have good experiences and are very negative about the program. You all sound positive, though, so do you recommend it?? And why?? Thanks!!!!
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    Hello all, I was wondering if there is a regular commencement once you graduate from the Nursing Ace Program, or do you just receive your BSN and keep it moving....lol. Do you graduate with the Drexel graduates from that year?
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    I can only attest to what I have been seeing other people posting. I'm starting in March 2014 and trying to figure this all out too!

    From what I have seen, we get 2 separate bills because our program spans 2 academic years. I filled out my FAFSA and didn't get very much for 2013-2014, so I'm going to be relying mostly on loans. I don't think the 2014-2015 FAFSA was available when I filled mine out a couple months ago..maybe it's too early? I have looked into Wells Fargo Med Cap loan, it is for nursing, med students, etc which I saw some current students recommended. It's still too early to apply for any loans...which is slightly freaking me out. You can only apply 90 days before we start because they have to check your credit score and if it's more than 90 days, it won't be valid.

    Like I said, I'm only going off of what others have said...hopefully we can figure this out together!
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    Does anyone know if a kindle works with Drexel's e-books, or do you need to an iPad? congrats to everyone who just received their acceptance letters! def a huge relief I'm sure!!
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    Hey guys!

    I'm an ACEr from the Spring 2013 cohort and I'm in the middle of Q4 right now. After graduation in March I plan on moving back to the west coast and have some furniture that I plan on selling! All IKEA, just bought for this program and only used this year-- without any marks or scratches! I have a large 6 drawer white "malm" dresser, a white desk, and a full sized bedframe with headboard and mattress. I am selling for REALLY cheap as I want someone to get use out of the furniture rather than just throw it away. Pick up between March 25-30. Please contact me if you're interested! My email is arulli@email.arizona.edu
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    I am awaiting my confirmation of acceptance or being denied. Ugh, I applied in Jan and still awaiting my results. :-(

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