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I know it is early, but I just found out I was accepted! I have to finish two more reqs, which I will do in the fall (i was told they have to be finished by Jan 15) Anyone else find out yet!? What are you expectations, and how... Read More

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    Hey Guys! I have also been accepted into Spring 2014. I can't wait! I'm currently taking A&P II at CCP. I'm taking ethics online at CCP next summer session and Micro in the fall at CCP. There is an info session on August 13th? I don't see it on the website. If it is at night, I will be there! I went to one in the past (before I got in) and loved it! The simulation lab is awesome. It will be nice to be on the accepted student side this time!

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    Congrats I think I'm taking Micro in the fall at CCP too. I'm still trying to figure out my summer and fall schedule. What days are you taking Micro? Yes, an info session for accepted students is Aug. 13. Here is the link! Congrats again!!
    Event Details | Undergraduate Admissions | Drexel University
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    Thanks, you too!! I'm taking micro on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Lab on Tuesdays. Section #42448. Maybe we'll have class together?? I wish the prof was posted though, I like to look them up on ratemyprofessor.com and if they get bad reviews, I'll switch if I can! Thanks for the link, I just registered for the info session!
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    What is a grad plus loan and how do you get it? I didn't get much aid from FAFSA so I guess I'll be taking out private loans??
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    I will definitely be there on 8/13. I'm taking A&P I now and Micro in summer session 2 at MCCC. I will be taking A&P II on campus and Ethics online also at MCCC in the fall. The Grad Plus has all the benefits of Fed Direct loans ie being forgivable. Here's a link;

    They're not the cheapest but at least they have the possibility of being forgiven after 10 yrs of payments. Private loans cannot be consolidated or deferred in most cases.

    I never received my paper acceptance letter or immunizations checklist. I did find a page that lists clinical requirements it is
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    Hey everybody, Just got my acceptance email today for Spring 14! I am psyched, my application was on hold when I applied for Fall 13 I think because I hadn't been to college since 2007 and needed to refresh my bio & chem, and take A&P for the first time. I just completed A&P I and Chem last semester at a community college, and am taking micro and A&P II right now and that's the last of the pre-reqs, woohoo! As for financing, I'll be using the GI Bill, otherwise it would loans. As for expectations-I expect it will be tough, 11 months of holing up and studying. I'm in the military and will be getting out before class starts. I finished up my undergrad and am taking the above pre-reqs while I am on active duty, so I am thinking that not having a full time job while going to school will make life easier, or make school easier at least!
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    Congrats everyone! I completed my application June 9 and I found out I got in June 14 for the spring semester 2014. That was a lot quicker than I expected. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has medical experience already and what their previous majors were? Also, if they think that will help them throughout the ACE program. I was a biology major and have about 6 years of medical experience, which I would think will help me tremendously throughout the program. I'm definitely giving up working while I'm in this program by the way. I rather focus only on classes!
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    Hey all,

    Does anyone know the start date for "Spring 13-14". Looked all over the webpages and can't get a solid answer.
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    I just asked my academic advisor and she says March 31, 2014.
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    Hey everyone, I applied back in march and my app still says incomplete. I still have to send my grade for a&p2 and micro.. (I will be done with micro end of June) but I find it weird that so many of you got accepted already when it seems you have more prereqs to complete then me. I'm getting alittle nervous lol. Why is everyone getting accepted so easily and they seem to be waiting for all my sciences to be completed?

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