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Hello All- I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months... Read More

  1. by   JillyPlot
    Hey all! I have an update! I called my admissions counselor about an hour ago to see if I could find out when I'd hear because if I don't get in, I have extra pre-reqs to take for my backup school. He told me I was in the queue to be reviewed by the middle of next week but he would prioritize me to be reviewed Monday or possibly today. Well, about 45 minutes after I called, I opened the Discover Drexel website just to see if it said that it was under review or anything, and I saw that I got in!!! So I will be joining all of you in the spring! Can't wait!!
  2. by   BZieg
    Thank you!!! Actually I am not quite sure of my exact GPA for my pre reqs because I took them at several different schools but they were all As and Bs I think maybe one C. My Bachelors is in Advertising and I graduated with a 3.1 I believe. Your GPA is great so you really shouldn't have any problems.

    I told them the classes I was taking in the fall and my acceptance doesn't say provisional but i'm sure it is since I have to finish those classes. Did you send them an outline of when you plan on taking your remaining classes?

    I am taking Chem, Micro and Nutrion at CCC and Ethics at GCC.
  3. by   BZieg
    That's great congratulations!! I did the same thing I kept calling them to find information out and finally they updated it!
  4. by   ajacks101
    Darn, I wish I had read this earlier! I would have called them. I'll be calling them first thing on Monday! Congratulations to you both! X your fingers for me!
  5. by   JillyPlot
    Ajacks, when did you apply and have your transcripts sent? My last one wasn't received until August 8 and I was due to be reviewed next week until I called. This was the 3rd time I called about things and finally got it pushed thru.
  6. by   ajacks101
    I applied online on 8/9 and next day air my undergrad transcripts which showed received the following monday 8/13, but then they still needed my dccc transcripts for my 4 summer classes, which as soon as they were posted i sent over and by 8/17 everything had been received at drexel admissions. i figured i'd wait a full week to give them a chance to review everything before calling and making sure that everything is ok. I had even added drexel to my 2012-13 FAFSA and they have received that. I hope when I call on Monday to have them take a look and show them how serious I am and that I will finish this program successfully.
    Hope to see you all there in April creating study groups and study guides together!
  7. by   JillyPlot
    That sounds like a Good idea. It took me 2 weeks to get them to give me an answer about when I'd be reviewed, but it probably depends on who you talk to. I know it only takes a few minutes to decide once they are up to you in the list since it only took 45 minutes after I spoke with the admissions counselor when he was moving me up the list.
  8. by   BZieg
    When I kept calling to see if they received my transcipts they told me they couldn't tell until they were processed. Once they were processed, which was a friday, they reviewed my application Monday and had the decision. Also I got the official letter and in there it explains that it is provisional based on my completion of the final courses. Good Luck!! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Does anyone know what our schedule will be like? Is it Monday through Friday or are their weekends as well?
  9. by   DanielCA
    I'm pretty sure $500 deposit means that if you change your mind you lose $500, and that's it. No extra penalties or anything. I put down $500 and may back out if I decide on another school or something.
  10. by   ajacks101
    Hi JillyPlot and BZieg-

    How do I get an admissions counselor to speak to? The person I speak to is helpful, but says it's out of her hands and can't really help me. She just says to check the portal to see if they need something else from me, but that just says my file is complete and under review. What number are you calling or is there someone I should ask for?
  11. by   ajacks101
    Hi JillyPlot and BZieg-

    Do you know how I reach an admissions counselor? The person I spoke to says they can't do anything except tell me what I can already see on the portal which is that my materials have been received and a decision has not yet been made. They said just to keep checking the portal to see if admissions needs further information from me or have made a decision.

    What number did you call or is there someone in particular I should ask for?
  12. by   JillyPlot
    ajacks- I simply called the admissions office and they transferred me to my admissions counselor, originally a woman named Fran Engelman. This past Friday when I called I was told my admissions counselor was Evan Williams. He was the one who actually helped me out. Fran did nothing to assist me. She told me the same thing you were told. I don't know why they switched me to Evan last week, but I'm glad they did. I don't know if you could ask to speak to him directly or if he could help if he's not your counselor, but you may be able to ask for him.
  13. by   BZieg
    Hi ajacks- that is what I did as well. I emailed them and they sent my email to the advisor who was the one to respond. Mine is also Evans and he is very helpful hopefully you will have him as well.

    I am trying to get the accelerated 2012-2013 calendar open and it just says loading is anyone else having a problem?