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    Quote from nurse2be13
    can somebody tell me what the area is like in new kensington? I will possibly be moving here for school.

    Like any area, there are good and bad places. NK is one of those places. Stay out of the flats. Stay out of Arnold. Areas up on the hill are good. One good thing is the city government knows there's crime, and they are trying the best they can to irradicate it. There are neighborhood watch programs and weed and seed programs as well. NK is close to Rt. 28 and its about a 30 minute drive to downtown, which is nice. It's also super close to the turnpike. Rents there are cheap as well. When you look at places like Lower Burrell, it's a ton more to live there, and there's still crime. :-)

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote from wildblueeyez

    would I move into New Ken? heck no! bad area. unless you can find somewhere on Mt. Vernon (which is still part of New Ken but away from the heart of New Ken). I'd look in Springdale/Cheswick/Harmar for a place. Lower Burrell is on the expensive side but nicer than NK (I live in LB).

    no offense to anyone living in NK - that place just scares me LOL

    Best thing to do is drive through and then make your decision if you would want to live there.
    What makes it so scary? Keep in mind I will be moving there from DC lol. I might just get a place in Pittsburgh and just commute.
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    Hmmmm, Pittsburgh and Allegheny county in general is kind of one of those places you have to judge on a street by street basis. The area has a high rate of opiate abusers in seemingly unexpected places. Its not as neatly packaged as some other cities. My neighborhood for example. House less than 200 yards away from me in the front just sold for over a half million dollars, and yet 200 yards behind me on a perpendicular street is swarming with police, domestic abuse situations, drugs, shootings, robberies. Its like this in alot of places in the area. While crime in Pittsburgh is not overwhelming as it is in some cities, it just pops up in unexpected places. I think New Ken is a good example of this also. While New Ken can be a nice neighborhood, it also has recently been a hub for abusers of the prescription painkiller persuasion. Where there are drugs, other types of crimes typicall follow. Its also somewhat blighted like many other areas in the city and is a little more on the Rural Suburban spectrum of neighborhoods. If being able to walk or bike to bus quickly to grocery stores or fun social events, New Ken probably isn't the place for you.

    **edit** I'm not making a statement about Citizens either saying its in not such a great neighborhood...isn't it odd that all of PGH's nursing centers are seemingly located in or next to slums? Mercy and Duquesne are in the Hill, West Penn is a block from Garfield, Shadyside is in East Liberty, St. Margarets is nice and nestled in Aspinwall but does 1/2 their clinicals at McKeesport lololol
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    Is anybody attending this school that will be commuting from Pittsburgh?
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    I am starting Citizens in the fall and am very excited. We currently just moved from Tarentum which is very close to the school to Monroeville. It is a bit farther but will work better for me while I am in school. I would not recommend living in New Ken, but there are many places to live around New Ken that aren't as bad.
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    I am commuting from Monroeville. There are a lot of back roads to take to get to the school.

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