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I'm 31 and just had my first baby in December. Birth was such an eyeopening experience that I really want to become a nurse now. I really want to work in Labor and Delivery. Well, I went to CCAC... Read More

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    It is very competitive to get a slot. If you have your co-reqs done, you get points for those. When they had the pax test it was gpa plus pax then bonus for bio 161, 162 and 175. Now they take your GPA and the bonus for those three classes. My daughter had a 4.0 and didnt have the co-reqs done (she will be the time she starts the program in the fall of 12) and she got in but not to her first or second choice. Those that had the co-reqs done got preference. It really is not a bad thing to have them done early and only have the nursing classes finished.

    I am finishing my first year at Allegheny day program this week. It is rigorous. I have taken a bio class with 101 and with 102. It was not fun but doable.

    Keep plugging away.
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