CCAC Fall Applicants 2013

  1. CCAC just posted the application packet for the fall 2013 nursing program. Just wondering who else is applying. I have all of my pre-reqs and co-reqs done except for micro which I am taking this semester along with medical terminology and infection control. I'm also applying to St. Margret's. Anyone else?
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  3. by   Newme17
    I am too! I have everything done except for a&p2 and my humanity elective which I'm taking right now and I'll do micro biology in the summer. This is going to be a long few months while we wait.....
  4. by   naturalgirl
    I am too!!! I applied to CCAC and just took the PSB for Mercy or St.Margaret. This semester I am taking A&P 2 and Micro, so I will only have Nursing courses left to take. I just can't wait to get this party started! Lol.
  5. by   carbon86
    I'm scheduled to take the PSB on February 13. I'm worried though that the fall 2013 class may already be filled by the time I get my application in. Do you know what they are looking for as far as applications go? I have a 3.7 with all of my classes completed but I don't have any prior health care experience. Obviously CCAC only goes by GPA which is nice because with the extra points my GPA comes out to a 4.85. But I would much rather go to St. Margs.
  6. by   naturalgirl
    I PASSED THE PSB!!!! I know I still have many other hoops to jump thru before I'm accepted into an actual program, but I'm so RELIEVED that I've gotten thru THIS hoop!! YAH! Lol
  7. by   carbon86
    Congrats on passing! I've been studying for about an hour a night for it but I'm still nervous. Is there anything you wish you had known going into it?
  8. by   naturalgirl
    Not really...just remember not to spend too much time answering the reading comprehension...WHOA!
  9. by   naturalgirl
    Thanks! Try to remember not to spend too much on the reading. The science was tough for me, but its been a while since high school for me. Good luck to you!
  10. by   NursingRocks24
    I submitted my application for CCAC's nursing program the first day the registration period opened. I already had all my pre-reqs done and will take a few co-reqs this summer to get ahead, no matter where I go for nursing. I have very good grades at CCAC with my pre-reqs so I'm hopeful... I took the PSB for Mercy and didn't make it but I am also submitting an application to West Penn SoN. I am hoping that CCAC will send out their responses quickly, I am so nervous! Good luck to everyone else that applied to CCAC for Fall '13 Nursing!
  11. by   NursingRocks24
    That's where I failed with the PSB. I did terrible on that reading comprehension section. I just took too long, because they don't give you a lot of time for that. Also, the scores said I didn't do well on the verbal section, even though we did not have one, which I found quite confusing.
  12. by   carbon86
    Hi Nursing Rocks!

    Yea it's crazy stressful, I ended up applying to the Boyce fast track program and am really hoping to get in because it's the most conducive with my life right now, plus being done so quickly is perk. I have all of my non-nursing courses out of the way so I am hoping that helps me. I'm taking micro this semester but I have both my A and P's done so I was glad to hear that you get extra points for those. I started all of my pre-reqs at the south campus and everyone I have talked to loves it, plus in my opinion it's the nicest of the CCAC campuses.
  13. by   NursingRocks24
    I agree carbon86, South Campus is very nice!! That's why I chose to go there from the get go. Their nursing classes seem pretty nice, from what I've seen. and I thought that you get extra points when you have AP done when you apply...that's what I've heard a lot of people say!
  14. by   carbon86
    You get extra points for A and P 1/2, and micro. An A is .75 a B is .50 and a C is .25. Luckily I have both anatomy's done, I'm taking micro this semester though so I won't get any extra points for that. It bumps my 3.56 up to a 4.81, so I am hoping that will help me get in. Also I spoke to an adviser last week who said the cut off for the last round of applicants (those starting this spring) was a 3.2. Good luck and keep us posted if you hear anything.