CCAC Fall Applicants 2013

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    CCAC just posted the application packet for the fall 2013 nursing program. Just wondering who else is applying. I have all of my pre-reqs and co-reqs done except for micro which I am taking this semester along with medical terminology and infection control. I'm also applying to St. Margret's. Anyone else?
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    I am too! I have everything done except for a&p2 and my humanity elective which I'm taking right now and I'll do micro biology in the summer. This is going to be a long few months while we wait.....
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    I am too!!! I applied to CCAC and just took the PSB for Mercy or St.Margaret. This semester I am taking A&P 2 and Micro, so I will only have Nursing courses left to take. I just can't wait to get this party started! Lol.
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    I'm scheduled to take the PSB on February 13. I'm worried though that the fall 2013 class may already be filled by the time I get my application in. Do you know what they are looking for as far as applications go? I have a 3.7 with all of my classes completed but I don't have any prior health care experience. Obviously CCAC only goes by GPA which is nice because with the extra points my GPA comes out to a 4.85. But I would much rather go to St. Margs.
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    I PASSED THE PSB!!!! I know I still have many other hoops to jump thru before I'm accepted into an actual program, but I'm so RELIEVED that I've gotten thru THIS hoop!! YAH! Lol
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    Congrats on passing! I've been studying for about an hour a night for it but I'm still nervous. Is there anything you wish you had known going into it?
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    Not really...just remember not to spend too much time answering the reading comprehension...WHOA!
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    Thanks! Try to remember not to spend too much on the reading. The science was tough for me, but its been a while since high school for me. Good luck to you!
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    I submitted my application for CCAC's nursing program the first day the registration period opened. I already had all my pre-reqs done and will take a few co-reqs this summer to get ahead, no matter where I go for nursing. I have very good grades at CCAC with my pre-reqs so I'm hopeful... I took the PSB for Mercy and didn't make it but I am also submitting an application to West Penn SoN. I am hoping that CCAC will send out their responses quickly, I am so nervous! Good luck to everyone else that applied to CCAC for Fall '13 Nursing!
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    That's where I failed with the PSB. I did terrible on that reading comprehension section. I just took too long, because they don't give you a lot of time for that. Also, the scores said I didn't do well on the verbal section, even though we did not have one, which I found quite confusing.

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