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Can an LPN.....?

  1. 0 In PA, can an LPN change a Mic-key?

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    Pls forgive the ignorance of a psych nurse, but what is a Mic-key?
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    Quote from ddunnrn
    Pls forgive the ignorance of a psych nurse, but what is a Mic-key?
    Mic-Key is a "button" low-profile skin level "port" enteral feeding tube (gastric or jejunal) that connects to the enteral feeding system via extension tubing.

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    Regarding the OP's question, I only that usually Miic-Key G/J and J tubes must be placed by international radiology. I don't have a PA license so I cannot speak as to whether or not an LPN can replace a Mic-Key G tube but I suspect it might be agency/facility specific and not an absolute answer.
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    Thanks! I learn something new every day on allnurses.
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    Yes LPNs may change Mickey buttons. I do home care and we do it all the time, both routine and emergency.
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    Yep, they sure can!!