CAL U- RN to BSN program

  1. I just applied to Cal U's RN to BSN program and I was wondering if anyone could share their experience. It seems to be a pretty popular program. I'm curious to know: How long does Cal U take to process appliations and send out acceptance letters? What day are classes held and can you take more than two nursing courses per semester? Thanks!
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  3. by   ThereB4Death
    Hi tokidoki7,

    Did you end up going to CAL U's RN to BSN program? If so, did you like it? Is there anything you can tell me about it? Thank you!
  4. by   mathia2171
    I am applying to cal-u for the spring semester. Can anyone please provide some of their experience feed back? I really can not find any actual reviews about their online RN to BSN program. In my search, I have however discovered that they do not have very good food available at their campus, and it is located with in a small town so the students are forced to party for entertainment. LOL not very helpful. Please respond! I would looooooooooove to hear from anyone!