Anyone here attend WCU, Drexel, PennState, Thomas Jeff or Villanova? Anyone here attend WCU, Drexel, PennState, Thomas Jeff or Villanova? | allnurses

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Anyone here attend WCU, Drexel, PennState, Thomas Jeff or Villanova?

  1. 0 For their accelerated bsn programs? Those are the schools that I'm currently looking at, and I wondering if I can get a glimpse of what peoples GPAs are for those who were accepted.

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    I'm a Drexel grad but Masters (Business), not nursing. The business program is pretty competitive though. I was accepted to TJU's accelerated BSN-MSN program, mostly on the basis of my grad school GPA (in the 3.8 range) and standardized test scores (generally 90+ percentile). I actually decided to go to the ABN route at DCCC (which ironically, is very selective in terms of their acceptance ratio) and then on-line RN-BSN, a far less expensive alternative and not too much more time-wise.

    In terms of admissions competitiveness (most to least), I'd rank them as Villanova, Drexel, PSU, TJU, WCU.
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    I did Drexel's ACE Program... Had a 3.01 undergrad - but had pretty excellent grades in the pre-req classes.
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    How did you like the Drexel ACE program? I just got accepted to their fall 2013 program.
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    ^ Congrats!! What was your cumulative GPA may I ask?
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    Hey guys! I was just wondering what the average GPA was for the accepted ACE students. I applied for spring 2014 and havent heard anything back yet... Getting kind of nervous!
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    I applied to TJU's FACT program with a 3.2 and they denied me for that, but let me into the APW (2 year) program. I am graduating in May and I can't imagine having done the FACT program now! It is scary intense, and you can't really work because you don't have time, between clinicals and lectures.