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Hello, I recently found out that I was accepted for August 1 start. :heartbeat Is there anyone else out there? I think I am 95% sure that i will be attending but this is the only school I heard back from so far. Just wanted to... Read More

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    Does anyone know if we have to purchase a kit with everything in it or do we buy our stethescope, BP cuff etc seperately

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    Quote from JPK7908
    jayden, did you ever find out if the uniform store brought in the new uniform pants that RMHSON approved?
    I did call again on Thursday and they hadn't had it in yet. I figure I'll give them until this thursday and call again. Did ne get a books list? I guess it will come soon but I here the book are very expense so I kinda wanted to get a move on it.
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    No i didnt get the book list yet either, did anyone get the insurance yet? NSO has it or $36 a year but i fig ill purchase that in july
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    I didn't get the insurance yet but I'll check it out tonight. JPK, are we talking about health insurance or do we have to get nurses insurance? As far as a kit I'm not sure haven't looked that far yet. They uniforms store does have some stethoscopes but in was kinda interested in getting the littman rainbow and I didn't see that one on their website. On the other hand, my aunt in law said that she loses (and so do a lot of the doctors) her Stethoscope a lot so it doesn't make sense to pay $60 for one. IDK I'm on the fence.
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    hey jayden, yea we have to get nurses insurance, its one of the forms we needed to print and fill out and give back to patti.
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    Ok, I don't know why but I didn't even think that form was for nurses insurance. I thought it was for our own health insurance. Duh! :-)
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    Hey Guys! I have finally had time to start up our facebook page so check it out and like the page so that you can start posting questions and helpful info for us All! If anyone else would like to be an administrator for the page let me know and I can add ya in! here's the link...
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    Did anyone get the letter for lab supplies?
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    JPK, I spoke with Patti and she says the form for Hospitalization Insurance is for you own personal Heath insurance. She says you must have health insurance.
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    jayden, thank u !!! for posting that up before i purchased the nursing insurance! now i can just fill out that form and send it in , also i havent received the lab supplies paper, have you? have you ordered your uniform yet

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