2014 Jefferson FACT Applicants

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    Hey y'all! Who else is applying to Jefferson?

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    I am! This is the only thread I could find for the 2014 FACT Program. Where is everyone?? Did you end up applying??
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    I am too..but am still on my prerequisite. Have you guys applied yet
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    Hello Everyone! I was just accepted to the Thomas Jefferson Fact program starting in May! I am super excited, but also very nervous since I will be relocating from out of state. Has anyone else been accepted? I would like to start meeting my new classmates.
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    am still waiting for nursingcas to verify my transcript. How many weeks does it take for jefferson to send the supplemental application after it has been verified by nursingcas
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    I'm excited too!
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    I am a male too. still waiting for nursingcas. I am tired of waiting. Nursingcas received my transcript on 22nd of october and they havent verified it yet. Is this how it supposed to be?
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    I applied in mid-August so things may be different. Everything was extremely fast for me and I was verified as soon as they received all my transcripts (I think around August 20-23). Double check everything was filled out correctly on NursingCAS. Unfortunately, you may have submitted your application during a time when a lot of Nursing students are submitting theirs too so you may have to wait a little longer than me. Send them a message through NursingCas and ask them how it's going.
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    nope bro..i stay in philly and my house is not that far from tju. However, am applying for pre-licensure not APW. Thanks
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    Do i have to pay before nursingcas calculate my GPA?

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