2013 CCP Nursing Program

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Wanted to get this started for those who have applied to the program this year and want to get to know other applicants. I was accepted into the CCP nursing program for the 2012 fall semester start date. I attended until 6 weeks before the semester ended. Sadly I had to medically withdraw from the program so in order to continue I had to reapply and start over again. I am hoping to get back in this year. I look forward to talking to other people who have applied and get accepted.
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  3. by   MedicDB
    Hey. Thanks for starting this thread. Sorry you had to medically drop last year. That must of been a difficult decision. Right now I am applying at CCP, GCC and Roxborough. CCP is my first choice due to tuition. As of right now I still have to take the AHT and am sitting with 6 points on their scale. Hopefully I get at least 2 from the AHT. Do you have to go through the entire process all over again?
  4. by   cupidsqueen420
    Thankfully I don't have to take the AHT again but everything else involved in the process I do have to redo. For example once you get accepted they send out an orienation packet letting you know what to expect. Included in the acceptance process you have to pass a criminal background check, child abuse clearance, drug test, etc. I have to redo all of that. I already have my HCP CPR certification and my health and liability insurance so I'm good with those but I have to redo the other stuff. Go luck with the AHT. Its really not hard... just basic math and english stuff. Its just very fasted paced. They give you roughly 30 seconds to answer each question.
  5. by   MedicDB
    Hey Cupid, can you tell me what the average day is like as far as start times and days of the week? As a single dad of a 4yr girl, I am very concerned about how to get her to school and pick her up.
  6. by   cupidsqueen420
    Mon- you have lecture from 8am-1045
    There is an option to take your lab right after that which would be from 1100am-1230pm, or you can take it tues or wednesday at that same time or later in the day.

    Tues- lecture is 8am-930am and seminar is 945-1045

    I chose to take my lab on monday so wednesday was my day off

    For the first 5 weeks of class you have clinicals at the school on Thurs and Fri from 8am-2pm. After week 5 you do a health assessment checkout with your clinical instructor to make sure your ready to start your hospital clinicals at which time they will randomly select locations for all the students. You will go to that location on Thurs and Fri. They usually start at either 6am or 7am and end between 1pm-2pm. There is an option for alternate clinical times at certain locations which are afternoon/evening. Towards the end of our first five weeks they send an email out letting people know the locations and hours and set a date and time to sign up. Its first come, first serve.

    I understand your concern with your daughter. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old. I had to drop my daughter off at her sitter at 6am every morning. I decided to do an alternate clinical rotation so my two days at the hospital started at 1pm and ended at 7pm.
  7. by   mommyof3girls
    Hello!! I applied to CCP for Fall 2013. I already have a Bachelor's degree but my Biology is over 10 yrs old so I'm taking an online bio course that CCP recommened at Nursing ABC.com. However, they then rejected my application because my bio was expired. I had to file an appeal, stating that the policy on their website is that pre reqs be completed by Jan. 31 and that I'm enrolled currently.

    I've taken Chem 110 in the summer and A and P 1 this Fall. Got A's in both....a miracle really, since I work full time and have 3 daughters (7,6, 3) I'm also nervous about who will watch them early in the morning when my husband is at work, but we'll figure it out. I have 6 points going into the AHT so hoping I do OK to get at least 2 as well.

    I'm praying I get in and can quit my full time job and focus on school. I'm still waiting to hear about my appeal so fingers crossed on that. I emailed them and they claimed that I would have a response this week, but nothing yet.

    I'm sorry, Cupid, you had to withdraw. I'm sure it will all work out for you and you'll be a step ahead in the fall.
  8. by   cupidsqueen420

    CCP tends to take awhile to get back to you so don't worry that you haven't heard back from them. If you really get nervous about it contact Barbara McLaughlin directly and maybe she can help. When are you scheduled for the AHT? Its extremely impressive that you managed A's in 2 science courses while taking care of 3 young children. My 2 1/2yr old is a hand full and it's hard to get anything done with her running around. Now that I have a newborn I'm worried how I'm going to handle having two young ones. The nursing program is very demanding with the amount of reading you must do so having children can be a tough distraction, even though they are amazing. Good luck with your test and the appeal process. Are you taking any classes this Spring? I am taking my last class related to the nursing program which is Microbiology and I'm also taking Developmental Psych since most BSN programs require it. It will nice come fall to only have Nursing 101 and nothing else. It was hard taking it with A&P 2. Thankfully I didn't have to withdraw from A&P 2 as well as Nursing. It would have stunk to have to retake it since I did well. I wound up with a B. I would have gotten an A had I not had to miss 2 weeks of class. We had a quiz every week so I had to take a zero for both the weeks I missed.
  9. by   mommyof3girls
    Thanks Cupid!! I'm still waiting to hear about the AHT. I had to go to CCP yesterday to hand in a form to have my transcripts evaluated from college. I received 2 voicemails from Patrice Perry but I've left her 3 messages in response to her voicemails with no call back. I'll try to call Barbara McLaughlin if I don't hear back from her by tomorrow. I'm taking A and P 2 this Spring at NERC on saturdays.

    It's going to be a challange but my kids are getting older so hopefully it will be a little easier. They are 7,6, and 3. I'm hoping to get a lot done on my day off while they are in school. I'll just spend all day reading and studying. I just pray I get in!! I finished that Bio course they wanted to me take and verified that my transcripts were sent to CCP, so hopefully it all goes well.

    You are going to do great!! We mothers can do AWESOME things!!
  10. by   cupidsqueen420
    Who do you have for A&P 2? I took it last semester with Professor ************** He is really good. He gave us study guides every week which were a tremendous help.
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  11. by   mommyof3girls
    That's who I have!!! I've heard he was good. I had **** for A and P 1 and I thought he was OK. His tests were hard but he curved and as long as you studied hard, you did OK. I'm looking forward to it. Then I'm planning to take Nutrition online this summer.
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  12. by   mommyof3girls
    Finally got it all straightened out!! They have my transcript for the Bio course from Nursing ABC and all of my college and high school
    transcripts so I'm scheduled for the AHT on March 1!! I'm going to need to refresh my memory on fractions for that one!
  13. by   Meira12V
    Hi everyone!

    I'm friends with mommyof3girls and I applied in Dec -- will be taking the AHT on Jan 31st.

    And I'm taking A&P 2 with **********starting this Sat. I'm very glad to hear that he's really good.
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  14. by   mommyof3girls
    Yay!!! Meira!!! LOL!!! See you in class tomorrow.........We are all getting in because failure is not an option...just sayin.