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  1. Greetings,

    I've finally made the decision to leave the Bay Area in order to pursue my dream of becoming a pediatric ER nurse. I have one year's experience in pediatric med/surg, and six months of short-term pediatric clinical assignments.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of any children's hospitals that would hire someone with my experience. I would love to get a new grad position, but know I may be "over-qualified" for that. Any details you can provide about the hospital, the ED, your personal experience there would be most appreciated!

    And if you're an ED manager, even better ;-)

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   danceluver
    did you ever find a job in peds ER? How did the job search go?
  4. by   MachoNurse
    Quote from danceluver
    did you ever find a job in peds ER? How did the job search go?
    Thanks for asking, Danceluver. I found a great job in the ED at Children's National Medical Center in DC. I landed a position in their Fellowship program, which is giving me a 14-week orientation with eight weeks of didactics. This is twice as much training as I received at my first two nursing jobs combined. It's about time! I'm finally feeling supported by my manager, and just in time. I was getting to throw in the towel on nursing.

    Having survived two experiences of "nurses eat their young," I am committed to being a great preceptor and clinical instructor in the future.

    How are things going for you?

    El Macho
  5. by   danceluver
    @ El Macho
    Thanks for writing back. Its so inspiring that you got such a job! As for me, i'm just beginning my nursing journey and hope when I graduate i will be able to work in a Peds ER right off the bat.

    Do you have any suggestions for me when looking for that peds ER job? Is it best to go the residency/fellowship route like you did as a new grad so I can get my foot in the door? Or pursue another field and get experience first?

    I think i'd love that type of orientation, guidance and instruction before starting such an amazing job! What are some of the daily tasks you perform at your job? I am hoping to follow up with a masters and possibly continue to work in the ER as an NP possibly.

    I agree, I hope in the future as well to become an educator, so I hope I have positive experiences myself in the future
  6. by   RN_TC
    Hi, I came across this thread and wanted to ask a few questions. I am interested in getting into peds and particularly interested in the peds ER at CNMC? What has your experience been like at CNMC? Are they hiring? What is a typical day like (if that exists)? I wouldn't qualify for new grad positions as I have almost three years of nursing experience, so I am wondering what would the orientation be like for a nurse like me? I have trauma, infectious disease and community health experience, but no ER or peds experience. Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. by   jazzyrn2013
    Hello there friends. I am a pediatric nurse with 4 years experience, I have completed a 22 week peds residency program and have relocated to Miami, FL. I have been desperatly trying to find a job with NO luck. Any suggestions????
  8. by   ZooMommyRN
    I relocated to MI for a position in the new Peds ER at U of M and couldn't be happier, I also have friends that did the Opposite and moved to FL to work at Arnold Palmer, how far are you willing to go? I ended up with a 9$ hr raise and cheaper cost of living, even with an hour commute.