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I just got called to interview for a CNA position at my local children's hospital (hooray!) for the "pediatrics - school age/ortho/trauma" unit. This hospital would be my dream hospital when I finish nursing school so this is a... Read More

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    Quote from ~PedsRN~
    We are a fantastic floor..... especially the night shift. Good luck and keep us posted.
    I interviewed for the night shift so *maybe* I'll be working with you soon! A friend and classmate of mine works on the floor and he loves it. I know I would, too! FINGERS CROSSED! The wait for "the call" is always the hardest part. I was told I should hear something by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

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    I'm starting to worry! I was told that if I was selected, my references would be contacted and I would hear by Thursday, Friday at the latest. As of now (Wed afternoon), none of my references have been contacted. I've been checking the website and my application status hasn't been changed to "not hired" so I'm trying to hold on to hope!
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    I don't think he's said in huddle the last few days that they've hired so maybe they're still working on it. Have you heard anything more yet?
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    Quote from NenjaRN
    I don't think he's said in huddle the last few days that they've hired so maybe they're still working on it. Have you heard anything more yet?
    I heard from him a couple of days ago and he said they're still making decisions and contacting references. There are 3 positions open (I requested the PRN one) so I'm sure there's plenty of paperwork involved. I'll keep applying and interviewing within the system, just in case!
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    As long as my references check out (and there's no reason they won't), I'll have the job! I'll be PRN nights.
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    Congrats! See you soon!
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    Quote from NenjaRN
    Congrats! See you soon!
    Looking forward to it!
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    Well done! Let us know how it goes So funny that there are nurses on here in the same ward!!!
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    NenjaRN and PedsRN,

    Looking forward to meeting you both in person, hopefully soon! Scrubs question..... At my previous facility, CNAs were only allowed 1 color (turquoise tops and bottoms) and 1 particular print for tops (thank goodness it was cute!) (male CNAs wore all navy), all nurses were only allowed purple and/or white (no prints) (again, male nurses were navy only). What is the scrubs policy here? Thanks!
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    Whoo hoo! Congrats! Lord knows we need help on nights! I am not sure about the CNA scrub policy honestly.... I know they have to wear the light blue (I call it surgery blue) pants, but not sure about the tops...... Wow, I am super unobservant. HA!
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