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PEARS training - is there a point if I already have PALS?

  1. 1 I'm currently a Ped home health nurse working with medically fragile children. I have training through work in use of ventilators, trachs, and Ped respiratory care and have PALS as well. Is there any reason to take PEARS as well? It's being offered through work but I'm wondering if it would be helpful at all. Opinions?
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    If you have PALS, you wouldn't need PEARS. It was developed to plug the gaps for health care professionals who might be involved in the care of children but weren't interested in taking PALS because it's so advanced. I don't know if having it on a resume would be valuable or not. I personally wouldn't bother.
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    Don't do it. Our hospital started allowing floor nurses to take PEARS instead of PALS. The ones that did that, when they look for jobs elsewhere have had to take PALS again, because not many organizations recognize PEARS. From what I've heard, PEARS is basically that stuff you're supposed to study before you get to the PALS class. How to recognize the compensation before they decompensate. If you can do that, don't bother with PEARS.
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    Thanks to both of you! I had a sneaking suspicion that PALS covered everything, but was unsure since my employer suggested the class. Not sure why unless they didn't remember that I already had more advanced training.
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    PEARS is a step below PALS and, in my experience of interviewing this year with that certification on my resume... no one knows what it is. My hospital started having floor nurses do PEARS as opposed to PALS basically because they didn't want to pay people to attend a 2 day course.
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    I know this is a bit of a necro-post, but thought I'd post in case others were looking for the info.

    I took PEARS today. My hospital is transitioning in a program where everyone who has PALS has to take PEARS in their "off year" between recerts.

    It was a complete waste of time. Well, not a complete waste. At least I got paid for it. No new information. Everything is very basic stuff that is covered in nursing school.

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