My patients mother called me a "murderer"

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I was working my last night shift in paediatric ward,My best ward to be precise .There was a specific baby 2 yrs of age I was handed over to by the day staff who was well for 3 days but again had Started having high fevers to 39°C repeat blood tests showed the baby still had a markable level of infection compared to when she was admitted..That wasn't a problem,as she was given an  antipyretic just 20 mins before handing over,the problem was the mother .she refused her baby won't be cannulated any more and will only receive antipyretics alone,no more meds to include the antibiotics which were newly prescribed by the paediatrician.My colleague had tried her best to talk to her and so did the paediatrician ,but in vain,She was a difficult mother in our unit.And so handed over the patient to me ,I was glad too because this a baby I have nursed since she was born and I've maintained a good patient-nurse relationship with the mom.I hopped I'd give a good talk to make her change her mind.She didn't.

During the early night hours,the temperatures reduced amicably to 36°C thus we had a calm time until 3 AM !!The baby Started having fevers,she rang the bell, but before I could turn to  see who had raised the alarm,it was silent.We were two in the shift ,but unfortunately my colleague didn't also see which room it was.This was weird because non of our patients does that.When you ring the bell you wait till the nurse is there to turn it off herself.

We went round the rooms checking out physically is suppose anyone needed any kind of assistance.I even passed my so "stubborn" mother feeding her baby milk .but she said nothing when I asked if she needed me .We went back to the Nurses station and assumed it was a mistake.

Exactly 2 minutes later the alarm went off.guess who it was?The mother who refused any other meds.I went straight to her with ever vital monitoring tool because I just thought I knew what she wanted. (We do a 4hr vital monitoring in the unit)But for her she gave a prior warning to us not to touch her baby while she's sleeping to avoid waking her up.A very difficult person.

I took the vital signs well, everything was okay except our dear Mr.Temperature.Did I meantion that during that short procedure,hell broke loose.she started shouting and quarrelling me the way I can't do my work and she's paying us!! wooowwww,the audacity.She has been ringing the bell but the only thing I can do is come look at her and leave.Remember I was there but she said nothing.She uttered all kinds of mean words to me at 3 AM.I held my tears.I told her I am not perfect,I didn't see who was calling yes,but I made an effort to go round and check.She couldn't hear me out.I left her talking to go get  her baby meds,on coming back with the syrup,She said"I can't even trust you anymore ,you will overdose & kill my baby for nothing,don't give her meds!" Why would even someone say something like that?

I had my colleague around,So I told the mother that it's okay if that's what she thinks .I can call someone else to nurse her baby.I did so,went back to the nurse station a very disturbed person.How could she say I will kill her baby with Acetaminophen syrup?

To cut everything short,the incidence reached the management the next day thanks to the mother.I was branded a bad person,given a warning letter for being rude to my patient and neglecting her.I went to apologize to her after my shift . The patient is always right.I heard the baby was discharged 2 days later,mother accepted meds the next day,so As "not to look bad"..I  requested to be moved to another unit ,but the head nurse refused.

So whenever the baby is admitted,an extra nurse has to be allocated to nurse her baby.not me.And she tells everyone she doesn't like me,I can kill her child.I raised this concerns to my unit in charge but nothing was done.Its like she's also entertaining the mothers concern without talking to her Abt the effects of her statements.

I am no longer comfortable working in paediatric ward anymore..I always have palpitations when I see this mother.We no longer talk like before too

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